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ZEUS – “Enemy e Core” video

Weird, experimental noise rock / drum & bass duo ZEUS have premiered their brand new video of Enemy e Core, coming from the band’s Three One G release MOTOMONOTO, released by Three One G / Overdrive labels just in time for their European tour, detailed below. Watch the video right here and dive into the full record to see ZAUS powering its way through this hypnotizing mathy ride with no shortage of ability. Enjoy.

ZEUS on tour:

Nov 18 (I) Castelfidardo (AN) @ Onstage
Nov 19 (I) Terlizzi (BA) @ MAT
Nov 26 (I) Modena @ La Tenda
Dec 02 (I) Trieste @ Tetris
Dec 03 (I) Venezia @ Spazio Aereo (w/ KK Null)
Dec 04 (A) Wien @ Arena (w/ Melt Banana)
Dec 06 (D) Nurnberg @ K4 (w/ Melt Banana)
Dec 07 (D) Berlin @ Bi Nuu (w/ Melt Banana)
Dec 08 (D) Hamburg @ Hafenklang (w/ Melt Banana)
Dec 09 (D) Wilhelmshaven @ Kling Klang (w/ Melt Banana)
Dec 15 (I) Padova @ Metropolis
Dec 16 (I) Calenzano (FI) @ Cycle
Dec 17 (I) Latina @ Sottoscala
Dec 21 (I) Roma @ Dal Verme
Dec 22 (I) Frattamaggiore (NA) @ Sound Music Club
Dec 23 (I) Eboli (SA) @ Rumorerosa
Gen 07 (CH) Winterthur @ Gaswerk Kulturzentrum
Gen 13 (I) Bergamo @ Druso
Gen 20 (I) Crema (CR) @ Circolo Paniere

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