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LAST LIGHT – “Conquer And Rise” video

Orange County hardcore act LAST LIGHT (members of UNITY, UNIFORM CHOICE, IGNITE, OUTSPOKEN, SPEAK 714, KILL THE MESSENGER, THE TWILIGHT TRANSMISSION, BLOOD DAYS, YUCKMOUTH and THE KILLING FLAME) have debuted a new music video for their song “Conquer and Rise”! Watch below and stay tuned for more new tunes from the band soon, including new music from their upcoming split with TAUSEND LÖWEN UNTER FEINDEN that was introduced in the recent announcement from LAST LIGHT:

“TAUSEND LÖWEN UNTER FEINDEN is one of the best hardcore bands around and we were honored to be considered for a split with them. They have the energy and spirit that is universal and the passion that sets the standard for what real hardcore is and always has been. It does not matter what language you sing in or where you are from, what matters is the passion and commitment that is involved in whatever it is you’re doing.”

The members of LAST LIGHT can recall the early days of their involvement in the hardcore scene. Initially attracted to the speed and energy of the music, the powerful and positive message, and the passion… What had dimmed over years as a result of growing older and the responsibilities that come with it has slowly begun to turn back to its full brightness. After reuniting with their previous bands for a benefit for a fallen friend they realized they are not done, and have so much more to contribute.


Jae Hansel – Vocals
John Coyle – Guitar
Joe Foster – Guitar
John ‘Low’ Lorey – Bass
Danny Baeza – Drums


GO HERE to learn a lot more about LAST LIGHT!

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