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Swedish crusty metal punks ADRESTIA premiere new video “Ticking Bombs”, feat. T. Jonsson (Anti Cimex)

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This June, filthy metal punk enthusiasts will witness a compelling, ugly sonic spectacle. ‘Dead End Roads,’ a 4-track 12” EP, will be released on June 9th by Alerta Antifascista Records, and it’s not your typical Adrestia record. The catch? None other than Tomas Jonsson, the renowned frontman from Anti Cimex, Wolfpack, and Shitslickers, will lend his vocal prowess to these tracks.

Adrestia, hailing from Linköping, Sweden, has been crafting rebellious, politically charged music since their inception in 2016. Four full-length albums, a split LP, and a split 7″ with Martyrdöd later, they are now ready to reveal their latest work, intertwining their signature sound with Jonsson’s unmistakable voice.


The band’s association with Jonsson isn’t new – it dates back to 2018, when he guested on two tracks on ‘The Wrath Of Euphrates,‘ released in 2019. But with ‘Dead End Roads,’ Jonsson’s impact is much more pronounced, both in sound and lyrics. His words on the album offer a window into the life he’s led over the past two decades and his perspective on the world around us. Fans will be thrilled to hear that this EP marks the first recording featuring Jonsson’s vocals since Moment Maniacs’ ‘Two Fucking Pieces’ back in 1998.

Adrestia’s recent releases, the twin albums ‘III: The Betrayal’ and ‘IV: The Mark Of Cain,’ have successfully etched a space for them in the international music scene, most of their shows having taken place outside their native Sweden. Their upcoming ‘Dead End Roads’ EP continues their partnership with Alerta Antifascista Records.

Beyond their musical endeavors, Adrestia is a band with a message. They are an active part of the ‘Punks For Rojava’ network, a collective aimed at supporting the revolution in Rojava. Their music is a unique blend of bone-rattling metal punk and fervent political beliefs, a fusion that sparks conversations while getting heads banging.

“Ticking Bombs is a song about the military threat from the Soviet Union and Russia.” – says Jonsson.

“I could see this coming even before the invasion became reality. Now we’re in a fucked up situation. Putin is trying to take Ukraine, and I guess he might be coming for Scandinavia later on. Kind of like when the red army came for Finland and a lot of swedes went there to fight for Finland’s sake. I don’t know how it will end this time, but the end will be crucial for the future of Europe.”


“Soviet and later on Russia has always been spying on Gotland through submarines, and right now everyone knows that Russia uses its headquarter in Lidingö (Stockholm) for espionage, but no one dares to do anything about it.”

Adrestia has some exciting plans for 2023. They’ve already recorded five tracks for a forthcoming split LP with Canadian band Collapsed, which they hope to release by year’s end.

In terms of live performances, Adrestia began the year by playing shows with Collapsed in Göteborg and Oslo. They also embarked on a mini-tour to the Netherlands and Germany, gracing the stage at Bloodshed fest in Hengelo. Later in May, they are planning a small tour with Asocial.

On the release day of ‘Dead End Roads,’ Adrestia will be performing in Stockholm. However, aside from a few shows in Sweden, the band intends to dedicate the second half of the year to write, rehearse, and record a new full-length album.

Speaking about the local metal punk scene, Martin acknowledges that although there are several punk bands and enthusiasts in Linköping, where Adrestia is based, there isn’t a significant punk community in the city. Interestingly, he views Adrestia as more closely aligned with the punk community across Europe rather than their local scene.

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