Photo by @jen_rahaim and @littlehalfbreed
Photo by @jen_rahaim and @littlehalfbreed
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Synth new wave post punks DON’T GET LEMON spina new yarn with new single “Say Something New For Once”

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Tucked away in Austin’s bustling music scene, Don’t Get Lemon is at it again, this time with their latest single, “Say Something New For Once.” This isn’t your run-of-the-mill musical revelation, but rather a quirky, introspective jab at the songwriting process that many artists tread through.

As we edge closer to their upcoming album drop on April 23rd, 2024, this track is like a teaser trailer of what’s brewing in their creative cauldron.

It’s a blend that à La Carte Records and Summer Darling Tapes have helped them stir up—a mix that tastes of sophistipop and synth-pop, with a side of new-wave and a dash of post-punk.

Today, we dive into the details behind its insporations in a special list below.

These guys are channeling vibes from a pretty eclectic mix. Think T Rex’s glam rock thumps meeting the warm, world music rhythms of Talking Heads.

Then, stir in Morrissey’s introspective songwriting and Pulp’s synth-pop desperation, topped off with the dark, conceptual tones of Alex Cameron.

In “Say Something New For Once,” Don’t Get Lemon are playing with contrasts.


There’s a dance of styles and themes, a reflection of their own experiences, and a bit of a wink at the music industry’s clichés.

Their style—a concoction of sophistipop, synth-pop, new-wave, and post-punk—resonates with a cool, ironic, detached yet danceable vibe.

Photo by @jen_rahaim and @littlehalfbreed
Photo by @jen_rahaim and @littlehalfbreed

Sure, it’s not breaking new ground, but it’s a fresh take on the old ground, a different way to tread familiar paths.

Let’s see what inspired the band to put it together.

5 albums that influenced “Say Something New For Once”

T Rex “The Slider”

This stomping glam rock classic helped inspire the sweet catchiness of the hook and glittery aesthetic.

Talking Heads “Speaking in Tongues”

We call our genre Heatwave and Talking Heads are a great example of a band who plays with this warm World Music influenced percussion.

Morrissey “Bona Drag”

This compilation of singles catches a glimpse of Morrissey at maybe his most powerful, with a lot of these songs talking on a meta quality of self awareness about the process of song writing, fame, and music critics as seen also in our song.

Pulp “Separations”

Their delayed album while they are still scratching and clawing to hold onto their music dreams and remain a band which is reflected in their lyrics. This is also seen in our song as there’s a desperation of waiting and wanting something, anything to happen. This is the album before they started to break through and is their most electronic with elements of synth-pop and house.

Alex Cameron “Jumping the Shark”

His debut album that is a concept album following the fall (and maybe self-inflicted death?) of a former tv star character he’s created. Like a dark Alan Partridge. This concept helps to create great original songwriting possibilities to explore which we also tried to channel for new lyrical opportunities.

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