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Texas metallic hardcore pack DIE YOUNG premiere new track

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IDIOTEQ featured metallic hardcore veterans DIE YOUNG have revealed a new track off their new EP “The God For Which We Suffer”, out January 26th, 2018 on Good Fight Music. Check out the amazing “Seasons Of Grief” above and stay tuned for a full stream of their new sprawling and ambitious record soon! These guys are offering plenty in return for our patience, so we’re hoping to get a spectacularly bleak record.

Pre-orders are up now in the band’s webstore for both the EP and the band’s vocalist Daniel’s companion poetry book, The Lonely God Inside You. GO HERE to order.

“Seasons Of Grief” Lyrics:

Weep for the stars aligned
Then died
Night after night after night
After night

A carcass of dreams now rots beside me
I keep clutching and crying and pleading

”Don’t leave me here
Oh, don’t leave me, dear
The world’s so much colder
After all that we’ve shared”

Awakened from a dream of enchantment
To birds of prey tearing out my spleen
”You stole the fire, son, now regret it
Did you really think there’d be no price to pay?”
My hands are chained, been castrated
Displays of rage won’t change a thing

All that’s left for me is to
Until I can’t
Until I can’t bleed anymore

A faithless man most of my life
Now imploring indifferent skies
”Oh, some unknown god above,
Save me!”

I don’t want to be seen in this state of grovelling
Attempting to bargain against fate
Save me
Save me, oh please save me…
I need love

I’m emptied out

A carcass of dreams now rots beside me
But I keep clutching and crying and pleading
Through seasons of grief

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