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Gloomy d-beat hardcore band DIGEST premiere fierce new demo recording

Hailing from Toronto, DIGEST is a new raw hardcore punk entity exhibiting influences from d-beat, to doom, and screamo, with a strong inclination towards the doomy, and the disturbing side. If you have heard of their vocalist’s previois project LA LUNA and their excellent 2016 record ‘Always Already‘, then you might have a slight idea on what to expect from her Vanessa’s creative mind, but DIGEST is one hell of a different animal, a blistering statement of aggression, whose intensity and organic feel will probably carry them forward. Today, we are premiering the band’s debut demo recording, which establishes themselves as a band to watch!

DIGEST‘s demo will be releaseed  this coming Spring on 50 limited copies via Belle Époque Publishing, a small label run by Egin of RESPIRE.

Here’s what Vanessa had to say about the project:

Digest came about in the summer of 2017. Myself, Nicolas and Keean wanted to start a heavy, visceral project with a d-beat and hardcore influence. After jamming for a few weeks we invited Zach to join in on bass. Together we wrote these four tracks which we have performed live less than a handful of times in Toronto. We are planning a little east coast jaunt for the spring time and have our eyes set on Europe this summer.

Lyrically speaking the tracks are a reflection of personal hauntings and release of political anguish.

Credits: Vocals: Vanessa Gloux (ex LA LUNA); Guitar: Nicolas Field; Bass: Zach Van Horne; Drums: Keean Mansour / Recorded on Dec 3rd, 2017, Recorded, mixed + mastered by Nicolas Field, Cover photo/layout by Vanessa Gloux

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