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The beast has awoken: first two tracks of the grand ILL NEGLECT / LAMBS split premiere now!

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Just a couple of weeks after the recent double interview for IDIOTEQ, German chaotic grindcore band ILL NEGLECT and Italian grindy bleak hardcore act LAMBS are back with a stream of first 2 tracks of their new uncomprmising split record “Trisma”! The record engages and absorbs thoroughly, pulling the biggest, most vicious monsters of dark hardcore and grindcore’s closet. These guys have given us a plentifulness of quality in a well-measured quantity. Buckle up and listen for yourself.

“Trisma” is a co-release between labels Wooaaargh, Drown Within Records, Hackebeil Records, Abekeit, Earthquake Terror Noise, 5 Feet Under Records, and Aktiver Ausstand in Plastik. The record has been detailed in this interview and exclusive feature released on IDIOTEQ back in November. Pre-orders for the 7” vinyl are up now at this location.

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