Entrapment by @byebrida
Entrapment by @byebrida
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The Grief Cycle – Australian hardcore band ENTRAPMENT tackles cancer with 4 hard-hittting tracks

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Entrapment, an Australian hardcore band that formed in 2019, had no particular goals except to create music and perform shows. The band aimed to adhere to the playbook of Australian hardcore bands from the early 2000s golden era and carry the torch with their powerful, mosh friendly take on the genre. Entrapment’s previous album, “Tempers Flare,” was released on January 1st, 2023, recorded in late 2020 and early 2021. Earlier this week, the band released their new hard-hitting 4-tracker “The Grief Cycle” and you can hear it in its entirety below.

During the recording of “Tempers Flare,” the vocalist’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and the following 18 months were emotionally difficult for him.

The Grief Cycle, recorded in October 2022, expresses his attempt to cope with the internal and emotional turmoil caused by his mother’s diagnosis. The lyrics are a reflection of his emotional journey during that period. Screaming into the wind was the only outlet that helped him cope with the situation, and he is grateful for this outlet.

For Entrapment, the plan for 2023 remains unchanged from 2019: create music, perform shows, and have fun.

The Southport and Gold Coast music scene, in general, is in excellent shape, with several talented bands such as Buckled, The Sex Guys, Blindside, Cold Blood, Outrage, Epifane, Anty!, Deathproof, Diesect, Snake Mountain, Lachlan McKay, Lifespan, Leo, The Final Fall, Deathrow, and Insect.

Additionally, labels such as Team Glasses Records, Loudmouth Records, and Bad Habit Records have impressive rosters worth exploring for anyone who appreciates guitar-oriented music. Be sure to check them out and support your local artists!

The Grief Cycle is out on Tapes and Vinyl via Team Glasses Records and Loudmouth Records.


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