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The Hal Al Shedad’s timeless Emocore: “Walking Blind Dancing” remastered premiere

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It’s a rare and thrilling moment when a seminal album from the past gets a new lease on life. This January 26th, Noise Real Records is set to reissue The Hal Al Shedad’s first full-length self-titled LP from 1997, a pivotal record in the emocore / emotional post hardcore genre.

And to kick things off, we’re hosting an exclusive premiere of the remastered version of “Walking Blind Dancing.”

Originally recorded back in 1996 at Sweetwood Sound Co in Parsippany, New Jersey by Alap Momin, this record was a beacon of the 90s emocore scene. With its remastering by Carl Saff at Saffmastering, and a fresh layout by Jake Van Der Linde, the album is not just returning; it’s evolving, breathing new life into its timeless tracks.

The Hal Al Shedad

The Hal Al Shedad, known for their chaotic live shows, a blend of explosive energy and patient melody, have crafted an album sequence that flows with the same charm that first captivated audiences. Those who were lucky enough to catch their live performances recall the frenetic yet thoughtful arrangements that set them apart.

Sharing stages with bands like Rainer Maria, BlackJackAction, Four Hundred Years, and countless others, their influence has left a lasting impression.

The Hal Al Shedad


The song “Walking Blind Dancing” encapsulates the essence of The Hal Al Shedad. It fuses rambling, slightly off-key vocals with discordant yet beautiful guitar lines and driving, complex basslines. Their music is an embodiment of emocore like no other, with profound, innovative, and expressive lyrical content. As Blake Butler aptly puts it, their work is “discordant, very complex, jaw-dropping lyrics, and worth every cent.”

The Hal Al Shedad

As we premiere “Walking Blind Dancing,” it’s a chance to revisit not just a song but an era.

The remastered track retains the original’s raw emotion and energy while presenting it in a sonically enhanced form, showcasing the band’s unique blend of anger and sadness, power and vulnerability.

The Hal Al Shedad

Mark your calendars for the release of the “Poisoned Blue” vinyl edition on January 26, 2024.

The Hal Al Shedad

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