The return of ethics in hardcore?

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Some Will Never Know Zine posted an interesting article summing up recent signs of the return of oldschool ethics in the hardcore scene.

– We’ve had the controversy surrounding a Dutch former nazi who organised a straight edge fest. Bands finding out about his past. Discussions on Facebook and eventually the cancellation of the fest.

– There was the discussion on about a certain band charging 12 euros (no kidding!) for their merch.

– And what about the drummer of Deafhaven who once wore a Hate Forest shirt (a nazi-band) and got shit for it when playing in Germany.

– People who think Defeater shouldn’t play Fluff Fest because they might have a patriotic message.

– One of the recent examples of course is German band Fallbrawl who got dropped by the organisers of a Swedish HC fest because of their new video which features some strippers.

– And Dutch band Karel Anker en de Joden take sides for the fish in the world in their song against Pescetarianism called Kapitein Iglo (Moordenaar) which translates as Captain Iglo (Murderer).

Read the full feature here.


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