AGITATOR cancel their July European tour with CODE ORANGE KIDS, kicked out from Fluff Fest?

AGITATOR have canceled their European tour with CODE ORANGE KIDS for July. –

Apparently, the band has been canceled from this year’s Fluff Fest because of the patriotic shirts they wore some time ago. After FALLBRAWL being scrapped out from the Firestorm Fest line-up, this is another sign of modern hardcore supporting ethics in 2012.

The band commented:

We’ve scrapped our july european tour with code orange kids.

after getting the boot off fluff fest it just kind of didn’t make sense to go during that time frame. fluff fest is the biggest hardcore festival in europe, so it was a big deal to lose the “cornerstone” of our tour. we (just us, not COK) still might be doing JUST the UK instead, but nothing is definite as of right now. this is the second time we’ve had “definite” plans to come overseas and the second time we’ve gotten screwed.

code orange kids has something else in the works. as predicted that band is taking over hardcore in 2012 so get the fuck on board if you haven’t yet.

for the record the reason we got the boot off fluff fest was because of some patriotic shirts we wore for a show we played on the 4th of july. this was about 3 years ago and was our 2nd or 3rd show. the shirts were some corny thrift store looking shit, much like you’d find at a rest stop in the middle of west virignia or something. they were worn for nothing but complete sarcastic value, as none of us hold any nationalism or absurdly overly-patriotic views. they also thought the zodiac killer was a klansman for some reason.

theres a million other things that we’d like to say on the subject but we’ll just leave it at that. another big thank you to niclas from no decline for trying to make this work for us.

fill up our box with some bullshit/see you when we see you.




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  2. Vyt

    March 29, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    I think they should get another chance…

  3. Idioteq

    March 29, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Sure thing, man!

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