THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE – “Consequences” (2013)

The Rodeo Idiot Engine were able to mix screamo, post-hardcore, epic crust, even black metal and noise in such an insane way that I promise you your head will hurt after the first listens. However, being exposed to harsh noise gets as comforting as complete silence so I’m pretty certain if you’re into that kind of music you’ll make your way through this album pretty fast.

The Rodeo Idiot Engine are certainly not the first band playing this kind of music, references and names for comparison are probably numerous, but still there’s a lot that lets Consequences shine in a musical movement already quite active and rich. One of the reasons is the songs being actually quite rememberable. Even if it’s complex and extreme, the album leads and lets you get oriented in itself fairly easily. Melody is still the leading part and complexity here is not an unjustified attempt to play insane music for a selected scene of elitist listeners. Instead it’s convincingly turned in the only creative decision that can fully express the energy lying behind the band. / DIY Conspiracy.

The Rodeo Idiot Engine aren’t all bluster, they stand apart from the rest of the chaotic mathy hardcore pack by mixing it up with eerie stretches of post metal atmospherics that add another dynamic to their sound that many hardcore bands are lacking.The sheen on the guitars can be blinding while the tribalism of the drum beats bring to mind the drum circles of an Apache band on the warpath, as heard on “Frozen Hearts”.While The Rodeo Idiot Engine can rage with the best of them, they are unafraid to incorporate emotional elements to their playing and singing as well.

With the breakup of Gaza, there’s fewer and fewer worthwhile chaotic/math hardcore bands left in the world, one of the last being The Rodeo Idiot Engine, who demonstrate on this latest record that you can be fast, slow,angry and morose all in one album, indeed even in one song and somehow make it work in such a way that it makes you wonder how it was all possible. / American Aftermath

Constantly switching between two-minute ear-blasting assaults that will make your adrenaline rush and slower, heavier tracks where the band explores a more oppressive atmosphere, “Consequences” shows a band that has matured and expanded it’s musical vision, while sounding tighter and wilder than ever. / Brain On Fire

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