MINDFIELD by Krissy Marie
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Jacksonville metalcore act MINDFIELD strike hard with their new s/t EP!

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Eventually, I will finally get to see this band from Jacksonville, Florida that I have been hearing so much about. But until then, at least I got my hands on this brutal new EP of the same title called, MINDFIELD. The first track off this 3-song teaser, TERMINAL ATONEMENT, is in your face from the first riff. The rest of the band release their fury shortly after. Vocalist, Nick Troupe, provides heavy growls before an abrupt ending leave you wanting more. A great way to set the tone.

SACRIFICE OF THE SKIN starts off with slow, creepy guitar riff and a distorted spoken word. This song is just loaded with insane riffs and chuggs, courtesy of Matt Tubman. The impressive guitar and vocals, again, was a perfect mix for this song as well.


Saving the best for last, VIOLENT NATURE, has all the chuggs we talked about earlier, a sick breakdown and a bass solo by Colby Bacon, whose brother, Trevor Bacon, also plays drums and completes this band’s rhythm section! This EP was a quick fix to an ongoing problem that I have. And that problem is not having seen this band yet. Hopefully, that problem will be solved soon, as well. They have been making a reputation for themselves in Northern Florida and this EP is a reminder of what heaviness awaits with this band.



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