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Denver punks FILTHY HEARTS release infectious debut LP on Hidden Home Records

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As a critic of new music, specifically in the punk rock and hardcore genre, I love when I get to discover new musical masterpieces firsthand. Such is the case with this new punk rock band out of Denver, Colorado called FILTHY HEARTS. Their newly released full length album blows away every other punk record that I have heard in 2019 so far. The album is entitled BEYOND REPAIR, and it totally kicks ass. With a touch of pop, a bit of attitude and tons speed, this album will not disappoint. I hear influences from bands ranging from STRETCH ARM STRONG and old school AGAINST ME!

From the very first guitar riff of the opener, Ambulatory, this album is remarkable! A perfect mix of aggression, compassion and melody. The song picks up the pace rather abruptly after a quick guitar riff introduction. The chorus is filled with whoahs, is catchy and melodic as well. They seem to stay true to this formula for most of the album and it totally works for them. Drinking Wells (Is the Best Revenge), the next track, is another instant classic. “To all my triumphs and defeats…” starts off with deep lyrics. The vocals are a perfect mix of scream, punk and melody. The next three songs in a row are masterpieces, as well. Friends? Strangers? The Mystery of the Bar Tab even has a hardcore breakdown toward the end. The next track, Mortality, will get stuck in your head, it’s so catchy! And a great chorus “Mortality’s the only thing that I believe in” rings loud and clear. Desire (To Leave Here Forever) is another instant hit with it’s fast, gritty, punk sound and another great sing along chorus. Some good bass chops in there as well, courtesy of Ryan Hatfield, who also shares vocal duties for the band too.


The next track, Hiding Behind the Volume, is my favorite song on the album. Great sing along material, breakdown, buildup and perfect ending. It is quite excellent in every way. Another great song to follow is called, Voted Best City to be Lonely. A great song with a great formula as well. It is the slowest song on the record but has the most feeling, and the choruses remind me of an old AGAINST ME! Record. I’ve Never Skanked a Day in My Life is super-fast and has a ton of catchy sing alongs. Disintegrating Bones is another great song that especially shows off Steve Cannella’s guitar skills. The next track, Career Day, starts off slow but quickly picks up the pace with Greg Jaeger’s drum skills, who shares vocal duties as well. Dreams of Youth is just another example of a solid punk rock song. It’s mid paced, gritty, but melodic as hell. Seasons and Halfway to Dismay are just as great as the rest and for the same reasons. They close the record with the final track, And I Don’t Even Have Kids. A great way to end the record with that AGAINST ME! feel that I talked about earlier, before it quickly turns into the fastest song on the record. I don’t want to give too much away with this LP because you need to listen to it. I guarantee any punk rock fan, they wouldn’t be disappointed.

Brian Espitia

I am 46 years old. I grew up in New Jersey, but I currently live in Florida. I work as an alarm technician and I have 2 beautiful girls. I am a vocalist for the band THe F/A and I write music reviews and conduct band interviews with my spare time.

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