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THE THRONE – ‘Frail Threads’ video

Over 1,5 year since their debut premiere here on IDIOTEQ, Szczecin based sludge/d0beat hardcore band THE THRONE returns with a new record called “Frail Threads”. The band’s second full length has been scheduled for a March 5th release through Unquiet Records.

Following the well-received album “Singularity” from 2015, The Throne will release their second full-length album, “Frail Threads” this March. It will contain 5 songs of the hardcore/d-beat/sludge variety.
Even though it’s less than 30 minutes long, the album will contain the condensed new incarnation of the band’s music, leaving its post-metal/sludge roots to concentrate on the more direct and hardcore sound.
Each track will evoke a different emotion, however all of them have the common aspect of the all-encompassing and all-consuming black melancholy and misery.
Compared to its predecessor, “Frail Threads” is faster and more aggressive, while still maintaining the integrity and heaviness.


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