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THIS ROUTINE IS HELL – “Nostalgia” music video released; new interview posted

Here’s the videoclip for “Nostalgia”, a part of the upcoming THIS ROUTINE IS HELL album they recorded this summer with Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE) at Godcity Studios.

Our friends at Legends Arising conducted an interview with the band. They discussed the video and their plans for the future. Go here to check it out.


Dirty hands. blistered feet.
Playing in the sun but now we’re feeling the heat.
Summers in suburbs, safe and sound.
Knowing what it’s like, nostalgia brings us down.

Nostalgia burns.

We’ve roamed the streets, always out of luck.
The glory days but now we’re sobering up.
Scraped our knees to the barren ground.
It’s only skin, but nostalgia keeps us down.

Yet we still raise our fists to the heedless skies.
We piss on god, our ethos never dies.

Nostalgia burns,
Nostalgia hurts,
Nostalgia flirts,
Nostalgia fucks us up. ads
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