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THOM YORKE (RADIOHEAD) From The Basement session

THOM YORKE‘s solo session for From The Basement (2006) has been made available online.

Go here to purchase the full DVD.

Thom performed the following songs:
00:00 Videotape
04:45 Analyse
09:43 Last Flowers
14:19 Down Is The New Up

Thom Yorke filmed at BBC Maida Vale.. A very happy memory. That day Thom played me Videotape for the first time.. this was about year before the start of recording In Rainbows but for me earmarks the beginning of my excitement to do that project.
Thom and I had recently finished The Eraser and the idea was that he’d play some piano versions of some of those songs.. but somehow Videotape and Down Is The New Up just came across better! So he was kind enough to play those too even though they were brand new and I am forever grateful.. Again I can’t over stress the importance of Thom’s support enabling us to get the show off the ground.. I am also very proud to be able to make a record of my friend playing these songs so early on in their lives – in the same way I heard them first.. ng
Directed by Sophie Muller.

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