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TIRED OF EVERYTHING – To Live A Lie Records detail new project & forceful debut EP!

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To Live A Lie Records mainman Will Butler (see our 10th anniversary interview HERE) recently debuted as a vocalist for his new project TIRED OF EVERYTHING alongside members from Salmonella, Mad Dog, and Zipper, and the band has just unleashed their first EP called “Silenced“! The noisy debut offering features “six stomping fist pumping hc punk anthems that spin you up and get you pissed at the world”, and we couldn’t be happier to give you its full track-by-track breakdown, provided by Will himself! Listen and read up below.

Recorded on September 22nd, 2018 at Legitimate Business by Kris Hilbert and mastered by Jirix-Mie Paz, “Silenced EP was released on November 9th on To Live A Lie Records as a limited 8” picture disc lathe and on cassette. The band will support the record on their debut show on November 19th at Slim’s in Raleigh NC with LMI and ZIPPER!

For fans of hardcore punk on the punker side with a leaning towards old school youth crew.


1. Industry Of Lies

I have always been a bass player in bands, dating back to 1999 with my first band. Tired Of Everything is my first attempt to write lyrics and sing and perform this way and really me stepping out of my comfort zone. Having said that, I have no writer’s block as I have nothing written and out there so I thought the easiest thing was to write from the heart. I have been vegan for over ten years and vegetarian for maybe 2-5 years before that, and before that I was animal rights curious so my feelings on the subject have been laser focusing for much of my life now. My real thought behind this song was to write something that sounded like I was talking about a human being tortured without specifically citing the fact that it was talking about animal agriculture until the end. I’m not sure if I fully brought that forward like I wanted to but I really like how this came out. The talking part may be a bit preachy but I don’t think you can have an animal rights song without preaching, especially being a band living in North Carolina.

2. Eyesore

With urban sprawl happening in Raleigh (and everywhere), we see people displaced from the only homes a lot of them knew just for people to make profits. There used to be Food Not Bombs here, it got enveloped by a church group for some reason, but then the city came down on them. The real reason for it was because it attracted the homeless into the part of town they were trying to develop for nightlife and shopping. Parts of this also remind me of The Wire where they form Hamsterdam, a lawless place for addicts to go to make Baltimore appear to be cleaner city. It was not an allusion I purposefully made but definitely a good thought later. Also I’ve spent some nights stressing whether the satire is obvious but the line about never addressing the problem I think really clears that up. I think classism is a topic that isn’t touched on enough.

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3. Missing Stair

This is the first song I wrote lyrics for and it was a topic that was sitting on my chest somewhere deep in my subconscious. It is a song that chronicles a serial abuser/master manipulator who has gone a number of places to run from what he’s done over and over again and found a space where he is left to exist but is watched cautiously by the public but allowed to remain. I have a lot of feelings on the subject but I think the song was the catharsis and disdain I needed to express and will let it speak for itself. To speak to the recording, I think the bass punches through really clearly and really showcases how well Matt did in picking these tracks up two to three weeks before recording and how he stitches the band together perfectly.

4. Supremacy

The inspiration for this song sounds really trite but what inspired this was the Handmaids Tale. It isn’t written directly about it but I wanted there to be the unease of someone trying to rise against a tyrannical force to ultimately become a martyr at the end. I guess it is a standard trope but I wanted to tell the story that was anxious, exciting, depressing, and I guess in a sense a bit ironic. It feels like Greek mythology which I can’t profess to be an expert on but most of the memorable tales end in something being so close but being so close isn’t enough. You were running away from your oppressors only to get taken down by dogs and shot in the back, and being shot or stabbed in the back is the ultimate show of disrespect. I would like to say this could be analogous to a lot of things but I didn’t have anything specific in mind.

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5. Mental Hell

I think this resonates with a lot of people. Life is tough. Socializing is complicated. Sometimes just sinking into your couch and not eating or sleeping or only sleeping is the only thing you can seem to do. I’m an awkward quiet person, I know you can’t get that feeling from reading this or hearing me scream into a microphone in a recording studio but it is sometime hard for me to talk to people and people assume things and walk on you some when you don’t always talk up for yourself. Mental Hell is sort of a place you end up locking yourself away in when life stresses you out and you’re so down that you just go into a safe place/frozen state when your mental health is at the bottom of the barrel.

6. Silenced

I originally wrote these lyrics about death dreams but the band was so amped on this being such a stomper track that I realized I should do a rewrite about something more pertinent. For those not in-tuned to news in our state, August of 2017 a confederate statue in Durham NC was pulled down by protestors less than a week after the Charlottesville Virginia counter-protester slaying at the Neo-Nazi Unite the Right rally. Since then there has been endless discussion about how that was not the right way to remove the statue. At a similar time the Robert E Lee statue in Duke University was vandalized and silently removed by the university. A month before our recording Silent Sam was pulled down at UNC campus in Chapel Hill. Scrolling back to when I first moved to Raleigh, I was nicely shown around downtown and a big war monument was pointed out to me. I was told it was a Confederate monument and that has sat with me a bit strange since then. When these statues were pulled down and removed I finally felt a bit of normalcy being returned to life. I am not a person of color and it made me feel a certain strange sort of way, how many people of color felt ostracized because it does not represent their history? I don’t condone violence but I don’t know the right way to remove some of these statues because its been years of trying to do it the right way. I don’t have an answer to the problem but I do feel that it is a problem. Art museums have pieces of art that are strange until you realize the time period, why not put these artifacts of history into them? Why not pull them down? Why does the town I live in and the city capitol have a 75 foot statue to the confederacy? I don’t feel like fighting for slavery in the South shows the part of history that I want to represent us as a people so I don’t feel that any CSA statues should be shown in public places and this song displays those feelings.

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