Filth Is Eternal by @yourethenight
Filth Is Eternal by @yourethenight
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Top 10 albums of 2021 so far, by Rah Davis of FILTH IS ETERNAL (ex-F*cked and Bound)

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Shortly after their recent rebranding, Seattle’s raging hardcore / metal horde FILTH IS ETERNAL (ex- F*cked and Bound) are back to our pages with a special list of their top record sof the year so far! Catch up on some of Rah Davis’ (Skelator, Cages, former touring member of Cattle Decapitation) favourites to date and feel free to share your picks via our social media channels (FB, IG, Twitter).

Comprised of vocalist Lisa Mungo (He Whose Ox is Gored, former touring member of Daughters), guitarist Brian McClelland (He Whose Ox is Gored), bassist Rah Davis (Skelator, Cages, former touring member of Cattle Decapitation), and drummer Mathew Chandler (Reburied), FILTH IS ETERNAL achieved an air of unhinged freedom mainly by thrashing their way through unassuming, beloved punk venues, writhing across unwashed floors and DIY spaces, hosting their own sort of hardcore communal exorcisms. And so, accelerated by isolation, a rechristening seemed fitting to more accurately celebrate their divine vulgarity!

“2021 has been interesting year for artistic expression in music. I’m constantly sifting through a multitude of nonsense in order to garner new perspectives that helps drive my creativity and imagination.” – comments Rah.

“Over a year into this pandemic, fantastic art is still being curated to heal the wounds of the artist/bands and fans alike. Difficult as it was to to narrow down, here are my top 10 albums of 2021…so far.”

Crumb – “Ice Melt”

Big fan of Crumb. Lila Ramani’s voice is so calming, inviting hynoThe instrumentation in their previous release “Jinx” is, in my opinion, psychedelic-pop perfection. Ice Melt is a continuation of the same, but somehow puts me in a more trance-like dream state. The vocals have more hooks and layers and the instruments are in service to the vocals this time around. Very impressed with this release. It’s such a palate cleanser.

Favorite track: “Gone”

General Surgery – “Lay Down and Be Counted”

These Swedish goregrind legends are back with one of my favorite releases of theirs. The music represents the album titles’ proverbial slap in the face. Fast, seething and aggressive riffs with Carcass-eqsue vocals. Album cover is unique with the entire band wearing masks; a forever reminder of our continued pandemic reality.

Favorite track: “Psychotic Cerebral Procedure”

DISM – “Terve”

Sometimes I just need to hear a proper D-beat crustpunk band from Sweden. They aren’t reinventing the wheel. They sound like their predecessors (Totalitär, Skitsystem, Driller Killer, and Disfear) but a little more raw and barbaric. Stumbled upon them on bandcamp and I’m honestly probably their biggest fan in the US. This EP is 14 minutes of savagery!
Favorite track: “The Nature Of Man”

Withered – “Verloren”

This heavy blackened death doom metal quartet hailing from Atlanta have always intrigued me with their releases, however, this latest album is one I haven’t stopped listening to since it came out. I can’t wait to see this band perform these songs live. The soul-crushing production style fits the nihilism in the music. The lyrical influences ranging from Nietzsche to Bataille are a great touch into the philosophy and surrealism realm. Very similar to Wake, who also put out an amazing album last year. I’m honored to have toured with them!

Favorite track: “Dissolve”

Bewitcher – “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom”

Been a long time fan of this band. Their latest album is a testament to the NWBHM sound that they channel so effortlessly with similarities to Running Wild mixed with a more gruff vocal delivery. It’s like listening to Venom with better production, lyrics and songwriting. Solid speed metal assault!

Favorite track: “Mystifier (White Night City)”

Portrayal of Guilt – “We Are Always Alone”

I remember catching their set for the first time when they were on the tour with Pg.99 and Majority Rule back in 2019. I was immediately blown away by the name, their musicianship, and bottled anguish. This album took me by surprised. So many elements going on here ranging from metal, grindcore, post-hardcore, noise, screams with the fury of hardcore punk. The production is HUGE and the drumming is mesmerizing. The lyrics and song-titles are perfectly misanthropic. The album title is like a mantra in our decaying planet.

Favorite track: “They Want Us All to Suffer”

Squid – “Bright Green Field”

Just discovered this English eclectic post-punk group a couple months ago. Heard the 2019 track “Houseplants” and was surprised by the catchiness. Then I heard the album. It’s fantastic! There are so many bands that try and emulate The Wire or The Fall’s aesthetic. Squid aren’t carbon copies. They wear their influences on their sleeves, but maintain their originality and it’s so refreshing. The atonal vocals, angular music, the eccentric lyrics…I’m here for it.

Favorite track: “Pamphlets”

Jaubi – “Nafs at Peace”

Jaubi is an experimental/jazz group from Lahore, Pakistan with Indian classical raga themes and hip hop sensibilities. Their music paints an atmosphere that keeps me feeling both haunted and weightless. This album took my by surprise. It definitely channels “A Love Supreme” territory and feels inherit my spiritual without becoming overbearing. No lyrics here. Just pleasant soundscapes to keep you in state of hypnosis.

Favorite track: “Mosty”

Valerie June – “The Moon And The Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers”

Valerie June is a one of a kind. This singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist from Memphis is a palpable force. She blends country, soul, blues, folk and gospel in a distinctive blend of Americana. An old co-worker suggested I give her a listening when “The Order Of Time” came out. Found myself coming back to this album, checking her out live, meeting her, and becoming a huge fan. This album is even more cohesive. The songwriting is just beautiful. It instills hopeful vibes, and at times, it’s necessary.
Favorite track: “Colors”


Wow. This is my favorite of the year so far. Without a doubt. It’s so forward-thinking, unpredictable, chaotic, deranged, vexed, exasperated, and flawless. “God Has Nothing to Do with This, Leave Him Out of It” was such a epiphany for me, but this latest album is actually more irate. It’s like Author & Punisher, Ministry, Run The Jewels and Kendrick Lamar had a baby, and that baby was born in Zambia, grew up in Canada, accepted their true identity, and became a prolific force in music. God damn.

Favorite track: “IN THY HOLY NAME”

Honorable mentions:

Tony Allen – “There Is No End”
Sons Of Kemet – “Black To The Future”
Morray – “Street Sermons”
Altered Dead – “Returned To Life”
World Peace – “Come and See”
Regional Justice Center – “Crime and Punishment”

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