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Top 10 Post Punk Tracks in 2022 so far, by TRUE FAITH

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Boston based cold wave duo TRUE FAITH has certainly made the effort to give their fans everything they have in terms of their creative re-interpretations of both post punk and cold wave subgenres, and it’s always a pleasure to report another offering from their creative team. Today, we celebrate the release of the band’s new 7”, their new single “Running Away” on à La Carte Records, and the band’s special list of top 10 post punk tracks released this year so far.

Boston can be a cold and desolate place, but there’s a warmth hidden under its shadows and deep within its edges. The True Faith embody that spirit, twirling along the margins of post-punk and coldwave to create a magnetic sound that’s rooted in the quintet’s adopted home city.

Acclaimed debut EP As Much Nothing As Possible was released January 2021 via emerging imprint à La Carte Records, the first recorded doctrine of a band on the brink of its own internal evolution.

Returning with They Can Always Hurt You More in November 2021, they create songs about love and loss, pain and euphoria, the gray in between the black and white; told through the lens of medical school students who examine the best, and worst, of the human condition.

Top 10 Post Punk Tracks in 2022 so far:

1. Docile Bodies – Magnolia

Stumbled across this band when they released their “Only This” single and was shocked that they weren’t getting more attention. First two singles were like the Netherland’s answer to Death Bells and their new “Arc” EP blew me away. Definitely not a band to sleep on.

2. New Oblivion – Crawl Out

Ok this is sort of cheating since I play guitar in this band, but I have to give the song writing credit to Tom Weir (from Old Moon). A demo tape was recently released and quickly sold out and was very reminiscent of “Second Empire Justice” era Blitz.

3. Secret Shame – Hide

This is a band that doesn’t really need an introduction. We’ll be playing with them at the Dark Spring Boston festival in Boston, MA in May. If this is your first time hearing them, “Dark Synthetics” is a must-have.

4. Lesser Care – Meadow

Lesser Care kind of came out of nowhere recently and are already dropping an incredible LP that would take most bands years to craft. This band is going places.

5. Datura – Phantasma

This song definitely stands on its own, but I can’t help but be blown away by the fact that this band is from Wenatchee, WA, a small town with not much ever going on in it.

6. Neu Noise – QTV

Another track I stumbled across and loved. Reminds me a lot of Gun Club or “This Is Your Bloody Valentine” era My Bloody Valentine, which makes sense since I guess the dude has been in various goth/rockabilly bands.

7. Börn – Norn

Börn, from Iceland, returns after 7 years since their last release and just drops a ripper. So much energy in this track.

8. Harsh Symmetry – Mirror Twin

So far, this project has only released this song but it gives me total Clan of Xymox vibes. Really looking forward to seeing where it goes.

9. Locust Revival – Your Delusions Are Not Mine

I don’t know what’s going on in Australia. Between Death Bells, Body Maintenance, and now Locust Revival, there’s a ton of great post-punk coming from the island. Their new EP just slaps.

10. Deceits – Failures

Another new group that has put out a couple solid singles so far. Upbeat, guitar driven post-punk that is catchy and checks all the right boxes.

TRUE FAITH by Kelsey Benson min
TRUE FAITH by Kelsey Benson

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