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Top 5 Norwegian Heavy Bands Worth Checking Out, by metalcore / melodic hardcore trio KINGSEEKER

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Shortly after their recent premiere of “Butterflies“, Oslo high octane post hardcore / melodic hardcore / metalcore band KINGSEEKER (ex-COASTLINES) are joining us today for a special breakdown of 5 Norwegian bands you should know about!

“Daily Reminders”, the forthcoming album from KINGSEEKER is coming to streaming services on January 21st, 2022.

The trio has released multiple singles that have been called by the national youth radio “NRK P3” as “captivating, heavy and fast hardcore”. Inspired by the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Poison The Well and In Flames, KINGSEEKER have managed to pull out some ripping riffs and emulate their predecessors with a bang! 

Asked about the new single, the band admits that “Butterflies” is a simple song with a simple concept. “The feeling you have when you’re newly in love, and everything you see, smell, touch and hear is about you and your significant others.”

“It’s about the realization and acceptance of their and your own percieved quote unquote flaws.”

Musically, “Butterflies” is a strong statement track thet encapsulates the core of their sound: heavy guitars, aggressive vocals and soaring
choruses. “The song has a emoey-post-hardcorey lead that at least for me won’t get unstuck from my mind.” – admits the band.

Kingseeker is: Aaron Veliz – Guitar, Emil Bringsli – Bass, Jan M. A. Opsahl – Vocals

“We’ve been called many things over the last couple of years, metalcore, hardcore, post-hardcore, djent, Northlane rip-offs among other things. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is we just released the first single from our debut album” – says Jan.

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Asked about his take on the pandemic, Jan says that he’s super tired of this tough era. “We’re all sick and tired of hearing about «pandemic this» and «pandemic that». «This show is cancelled», «That show is postponed». Hot take: The pandemic sucks. We’ve wasted about 2 years of prime concertgoing time to this shit and we’re all tired of it.”

He looks on the bright side of thing though. “There’s a hell of a lot of music coming out. The downside being that there are waiting lines (at least here in Norway) of up to 9 months (and probably more) to get your vinyl pressed. Thankfully we have digital streaming, meaning we wont have to wait 9 months to hear the pandemic music many bands have created.”

Therefore, we’re stoked to give you the band’s special list of some of the noteworthy artists from their Norwegian scene, that you might’ve missed and or didn’t know existed.

“Norway is not known for much else other than the black stuff (both oil and metal).” – says Jan. “But not all the underground bands are grim-dark blastbeats and corpsepaint. There’s a great punk scene, and a metal scene and hardcore scene. Most of the bands (that I know of) focus their efforts locally or nationally when it comes to getting their music out there, and as such a lot of it gets overlooked in other places other than Norway.

For every sucessful Norwegian band theres three equally talented bands that the fans of the successful one never finds out about. So here’s our attempt at showing off (in no particular order) some of the metalcore bands in Norway we believe you should check out.”


They recently released a banger of an album called «When Hell Feels Like Home».

I hate comparing a band to other bands, cause like every other band you can hear influences from so many places. From what I personally recognize There are elements of Parkwy Drive, Leprous, Architects, In Flames and much more.

Beyond The Barricade

Imagine if peak Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace took a right turn and fell in love with 2006 screamo and that child fo together with Darkest Hour. The vocals is exactly what you imagine in your head when imagining the ideel metalcore vocals.


This band is for those of you who want Thallian madness, Nu-metalesque vocals or just a good fucking time. They’re heavy as fuck, they do whatever they feel like. I genuinely think you have to listen to it to understand it.

Naga Siren

Naga Siren started as a kind of «super-group» in the norwegian hardcore scene with members from bands such as Oberst, iEatHeartacks and Despereaux. They play a more pop-oriented hardcore than others here in Norway. AFI meets Underoath.

Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days were just featured on this website. And they have a punky metalcore sound, which closely resembles acts such as Counterparts, The Ghost Inside. They released their album «Keep myself from sinking» and you can read more about in their own article here.

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