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Topshelf Records / Count Your Lucky Stars Records SXSW 2013 video report!

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Wow, this is definitely worth a share. Below you can watch an amazing video summary of last year’s SXSW appearances of many spectacular bands from Topshelf Records / Count Your Lucky Stars Records roster. Check out the official word and scroll down to see the report.

Last year we teamed up with Topshelf Records and Count Your Lucky Stars to make a couple of showcases during SXSW. 2 days of great music, friends, beer and hotdogs by Phil.
This hour-long video was put together slowly through the course of a year and it finally sees the light of day! This year we are also throwing a showcase along with Topshelf Records and you can find all about it here:
The lineup is: Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) / Joie de Vivre / Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers / Caravels / Weatherbox / Kind of Like Spitting / Look Mexico (acoustic) / Pentimento
No Somos Marineros / The Great Albatross / Texas Instruments / Donovan Wolfington / Tall Ships / Octaves / Frameworks / Two Knights / Pswingset / Vales / Chris Simpson


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