Total uncertainty – hardcore band UNDERGUST comment on Brazilian crisis

Led by incoming president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, the new right wing Brazilian government, one of the world’s most far-right administrations, have the strict objective to align Brazil more closely to Trump and the US. The dangerous rhetoric of the new leader who’s been known for his outrageous statements and extreme political views worries the citizens and indicates that human rights will be downgraded under the incoming government. Curious about the insider view of the situation, we sat down with São Bernardo Do Campo, Brazil based thrashy, metallic hardcore act UNDERGUST and asked them about their take on things. See our full interview below.

UNDERGUST have relesed their socially and politically infused debut full length “Chaos Farm” on November 1st, 2018.

Hey there guys! Thanks so much for joining us again. It seems that 2018 has been filled with great experiences, solid growth, and some challenges for the band, right? How was the buildup to the release of ”Chaos Farm”?

Yo Karol and mates who read IDIOTEQ! We at UNDERGUST are very grateful for yet another opportunity to show our thoughts in relation to music and also because we can express what we live and witness here in Brazil. We have a lot of respect and admiration for the work that is done by this site, because we know that the voices of UNDERGROUND can be heard here.

This year we were totally focused on creating and recording our album: the long-awaited CHAOS FARM.

There were altogether 8 weight participations, including names of HARDCORE PUNK / METAL, such as:

Parris Mayhew (Cro-Mags founder), Jão (Ratos de Porão and Periferia S / A), Rogério Martins (Lixomania), Claudia (Negative Control), Gepeto (Ação Direta and Letall), Galo (Ação Direta and Ulster), Mingau (Ultraje a Rigor / Ex- Ratos de Porão) and Diego Parmito (Forbidden Ideas). It has been amazing to work with long-time friends and people who are references since our teen years, such as Parris (Cro-Mags) and Jão (Ratos de Porão / Periferia S/A). These guys are considered legends for us. This recording process, with these very special participations, has brought us much inspiration and we believe that also an important evolution. There were a few unforeseen events during the recording, such as when we lost some guitar riffs and even a whole song, so the album that was to have 12 songs, was released with 11. At the beginning of the recording, the drummer left the band, and as the recordings of the drums were already scheduled, I called a friend to record. Because he lives in a very distant city and we did not have time to rehearsal, I passed all the battery lines on the phone hahahaha. I made all the sounds with my mouth and explained how each passage and the rhythms should be done. So he rehearsed alone in his house and in 3 days all the songs already were ready and recorded. Really crazy hahaha

There were other situations, such as two Mac computers that inexplicably did not work anymore, causing a long delay in the finalization of the album. But all this was important … it was a great patience learning that made the band more united and strengthened.

Why  was your European tour? Any memorable moments you’d like to share?

Unfortunately it was not possible to tour Europe, due to the delay in recordings and also the lack of financial resources. But this is our next goal: to destroy everything on the “old continent”!

Back to ”Chaos Farm”, how has the political and economic situation in Brazil affected the lyrical content of this record?

Totally !!!!

Unfortunately many people still think that rulers can change the situation of the nation… they do not understand that the political system only suck our lives and transform us into cattle. Anyone who does not realize this, is destined to a lifetime of manipulation, which consists of consuming useless things, thinking in a limited way in relation to social life, not caring about causes humanitarian. Finally, alienated thoughts hypnotizes the people. This happens here in Brazil, this happens around the world, this is CHAOS FARM.

Continued below…


Some might say the recent elections marked literally a setback for civilisation in Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro’s policies and approach seems to be extremely hostile to many different communities. Give us your thoughts on the current political landscape in your country and (hopefully not) the possible military dictatorship coming up next year and beyond.

Brazil is currently gripped with a sense of total uncertainty.

We already know that corruption will continue, that’s for sure. But will our freedom of speech remain free? Our right to protest on the streets, through music, through a simple letter … will still be allowed? How and how can we express ourselves. These are questions that are inside our minds and bring us a lot of uncertainty.

Last month, a sad situation occurred here: Cuban doctors, who participated in a government program to meet needy people in places that Brazilian doctors do not want to attend, were expelled from Brazil and many people who need urgent medical care, were left without care and without any government support.

Some people are being attacked because they are homosexual or because they are from smaller groups. Many people have manifested as never before, their racist ideas. Much is seen in the figure of Jair Bolsonaro, like that of a savior or a hero. But what kind of hero? Throughout history, we have seen many characters equal to him, characters with the same fascist ideas and who were monsters disguised as good intentions. The people love their ideas of ending violence, using violence. One of his proposals of government is to release the purchase of arms, legalize the possession of weapons … we Brazilians do not have mental balance to calmly withstand a traffic discussion, now imagine a traffic fight with armed people? Several tragedies happen every year here in Brazil because of the guns, we do not want any more weapons, what education, we want hospitals, we want quality schools, we want the tax money that we pay with so much sweat, be employed in the right way, and not that go to the pocket of corrupt politicians. Unfortunately Brazil has a people that do not fight for change, there are few who want change, the people want soccer and carnival … this is sad. We are the resistance, we are few, but we will continue to use our music to warn the few who want to hear the truth. This is the message we want to pass to the world: fight, resist, do good to people and change will come. It may take years and years, but the seed will one day bear fruit. We live under gust, but we live with hope and fighting, always.

What lessons can be learnt globally from the recent Brazilian social and political struggles? What’s your message to the world watching this from the oustide?

Our message is one of resistance !!! We are 4 guys who make music not for money, we do not make any money from it. This does not have glamor, this is not just fun. We do it because it is our life.

We are 4 guys who have children, difficult jobs, we struggle to survive. But we use music to convey a message that is different from the one in the media or prostituted art. We know that we will not change the world, but we can change what is around us. Our message is and always will be about love and respect for others, regardless of race, sexual choice or religious choice. We believe that each person is extremely important in the process of society and we want them all to stand firm in the ideal of a better world. Do not depend on politicians, do not have the system as a savior.

Thanks so much for your time guys. I wish you all the best and hopefully the end of the political struggle and crisis for Brazil. Cheers from Warsaw.

Thanx Karol and mates around the world … we do not have flags, we are from the same country, fighting for a better world. Big hug !!!

Cheers from São Paulo !!!!

Samuel Vieira.

Total uncertainty – hardcore band UNDERGUST comment on Brazilian crisis
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