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TOUCHE AMORE – “Benediction” video

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In the new video for the track “Benediction”, Jeremy Bolm of TOUCHE AMORE headed to his mother’s home in Norfolk, Nebraska to bring her story home.

On their latest record, Stage Four, TOUCHE AMORE and frontman Jeremy Bolm deal with the death of his mother and his struggle with the loss.


It’s an ugly day in Glendale in a place that you once knew
Where you helped that senile woman that now has outlived you
I’m still taking it all in
I’m adapting to this loss
I wonder if she
remembers you
How could she have forgotten

There’s a crack in this shell and some light is shining through
As I sorted through the pieces that told the stories I never knew
You left a hole in this earth and you paid for it up front
I had to fill it with dirt while your friend sang
the song

May the Lord, mighty God,
Bless and keep you forever;
Grant you peace,
perfect peace,
Courage in every endeavor

It was a sunny day in Norfolk next to the tree that caught your eye
I walked the ground you grew on with my brother at my side
I’m still taking it all in
I’m adapting to this loss
People say with time
it gets easier
But I just think that they
are wrong

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