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TOUCHÉ AMORÉ premiere new video for the song “LAMENT”

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TOUCHÉ AMORÉ have shared the official music video for the title-track of their new album “LAMENT“. Created with the amazing visual development and CG animation by Sujin Kim, and based on the concept by the band’s guitarist Nick Steinhardt, the video can be watched above.

“While we were in the studio recording LAMENT I came up with a video idea that I couldn’t wrap my head around how to tell entirely as live action.” – comments Nick Steinhardt.

“The original concept centered around being used up and tossed aside over and over again until you’ve had enough. Told through the story of earth and clay, pot and plant, the interplay between a lifeform and vessel, constraint versus freedom, nourishment and depletion via a symbiotic relationship.

As the story developed further, the idea of animation came into play, which freed my brain a bit to lean further into the macabre, grotesque and surreal.

Having essentially grown up in its backyard and graduating from @calarts in 2009 I was well familiar with their notable Experimental Animation program. Also as an art director who looks to find and champion other creatives for what they do well, my first stop was combing through reels of recent student work.

The poetic and dark nature of Sujin Kim’s work immediately resonated with me, and when she excitedly responded that she was available for the project several months ago I didn’t quite know the level to which she was going to commit herself.

It became clear from our initial conversations about words and meaning that a conceptual approach was just as important as the overall aesthetic. Aside from the time intensive nature of CGI itself, we began diving into my initial treatment, discussing lyrical themes on a deep intellectual level. We touched on topics ranging from the Japanese art of ceramic repair to the unusual flora and peeling bark of rare trees from Mexico and Socotra.

The end result is something I’m truly proud of and feels like one of the most ambitious visuals we’ve had to date.”

LAMENT lyrics:

It’s early so I’m feeling vulnerable
So do what you will
For the sake of you I’m poised
with what I understand is joy
Shouldered cries from everywhere
I expect no different

You’d think by now I’d know my place
But I lose it almost every day
You’d think by now I’d have a grip
But again I’ve let it slip

If I’m out on a limb admiring something
It may crack in two, I feel nothing
Not the question preceding, or how I’m feeling
But I’ve carried the world today, I have convinced myself

I drank from the deepest pond
When the ocean did me wrong
Now I’m left with what I’ve known all along

So I lament
Then I forget
So I lament
Till I reset

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