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TOWER OF SILENCE: introducing new screamo act from Toronto

Solidly rooted in the screamo and darker post hardcore idioms, TOWER OF SILENCE, the newest project from Toronto, Canada features members that have been in some pretty active screamo bands like RESPIRE, FOXMOULDER, and TERRY GREEN, and they have just unveiled their debut 3-track self-titled EP!

As striking as the sense that its personal themes evoke, the record should  catapult them into being recognised as one of the most interesting new bands in the game, willing to move forward, yet they seem to be wanting to make it a one-time gig and “disappear into thin air”. As bitter sweet as it gets, we took the occassion to learn a bit more about their project and asked them a couple of questions. Interest piqued? It should be, cause TOWER OF SILENCE transform your favorite screamy hardcore influences into an interesting progression. Listen below and see for yourself.

What prompted you to start this project? What’s the mission?

Alex: I’m from Los Angeles and I’m living in Toronto for a few months producing a film. I’ve always been a big admirer of the Canadian DIY community and went to a local show to see Massa Nera at D-Beatstro (RIP). When I was there, I met a bunch of awesome people from the local scene including Rohan from Respire and Adam from Terry Green. I was like ‘hey we should start a little DIY screamo project while i’m in town for the hell of it, and they were down’. Rohan knew Aaron, who previously played in the Newfoundland based band Polina, and he joined the project on guitar. We met up for to practice 3 different nights over a couple weeks, and wrote these 3 songs. We linked up with local engineer Vince Soliveri to track and had Will Killingsworth mix/master. Although this isn’t any of our main projects, our main mission is to continue to contribute to the DIY scene we love and have fun while doing it.

Rohan: I had just finished recording the upcoming Respire LP, which was an absolutely grueling process. We spent close to 200 hours in 2 months working on it, and after it was done, I forgot how to live a regular life, and needed to find another outlet. The first time I met Alex, he talked about wanting to start a band and I thought it would be fun to do what so many amazing bands have done in our DIY scene: write a single record and then disappear into thin air.

What other bands have you guys been in?

Alex: I’ve played in Seeing Means More and Fight Fair. I’m currently the vocalist for Ghost Spirit out of Los Angeles (split 12″ with Frail Hands coming very soon!).

Rohan: I play in Respire (Dénoument 12″ out soon), and played in Foxmoulder and Delo Truda previously, all Toronto-based. Adam plays in Terry Green (Mississauga/Toronto), and Aaron used to play in Polina (St. John’s, Newfoundland), and currently plays in B.O.G. (Toronto).

Do you have some live shows planned for the coming months?

Alex: We are playing a show with The Ultimate Screamo band from Montreal and Growing Fins from Toronto on April 14th in Toronto. Beyond that…the future is up in the air.

Ok, so is there a chance for a follow up record from you guys?

Rohan: The idea is that we’d make one really cool record, and then disappear forever.

Alex: We do not have any future plans for an additional record, but only time will tell.

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