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TOXIC SHOCK – “Monday is Cancelled” video

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The release party for the record will take place at Little Devil in Tilburg this Friday, March 6th. Joining them on the bill will be GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN, RICHIE DAGGER, FUCK UPS and JESUS POLICE. The band will perform at this year’s Groezrock Festival! Get stoked!

The much anticipated split release of TOXIC SHOCK and IRON REAGAN. Belgian Thrashers TOXIC SHOCK shook stages in Europe before and after the release of their debut album “Daily Demons” and relived the time when moshing and crazyness at shows was all about having a great time. IRON REAGAN is comprised of Tony Foresta (vocals), Phil Hall (guitar), Mark Bronzino (guitar), Rob Skotis (bass), and Ryan Parrish (drums) and between them they fill, or have filled the ranks of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse and Darkest Hour alike. With artwork specially done by Ric Clayton, known for his work for SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, EXCEL, NO MERCY, THE ABUSED we have a full on Hardcore/Thrash/Crossover release at hand that’s simply unbeatable and you KNOW will make you thrash your room like there’s no tomorrow!

The first pressing has 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on white vinyl.

TOXIC SHOCK release show

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