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Track by track: Sightings EP by emotive post hardcore act COPLEY WOODS

Philly’s new emotive post hardcore act COPLEY WOODS previously caught my attention when they were tasked with creating their own mixture of emo, screamo, post hardcore influences and just in time for the release of their aliens and UFO infused debut EP ‘Sightings’. Her cool raw DIY style of smooth transitions between various moods and styles should bring them some recognition and I am stoked to be the first magazine to give them some space. As IDIOTEQ’s featured artist, I asked them to give us some details on each and every track from the EP. Check it out below and leave your thoguhts in the comments below.

Mirage is a hot-take on climate change. We wanted an intense and visceral opener.

Haunted is an attempt to write a very angry song. The break near the end was inspired by 80’s hardcore. Taken with Mirage, it makes for an aggressive start to the EP.

Emotion Engine is a song that took a very long time to write, but it’s one we’re very proud of. It’s a pretty big contrast from the first two songs and shows that we can be dynamic with our music. Lyrically it’s about regret.

Intruders is about having an encounter with aliens. The title, and the band’s name, comes from a book by Budd Hopkins called Intruders. Musically we tried to invoke a spacey, dark, and mysterious sound.

Always There is about the anxiety of everyday life and routine. We hope the breakdown at the end leaves the listener wanting more.

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