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“Trapped” – raging hardcore band DISCOMFORT premiere new video!

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15 months after their double interview with vicious powerviolent hardcore beast FALSE LIGHT and soon after their late 2017’s split with SLANDER, Italian fierce metallic hardcore act DISCOMFORT are back with a new record, and today we’re thrilled to give you the first listen of “Trapped”, an impressive new track that delivers a level of savagery fitting of their mixture of hostile sounds, accompanied by a great music video that isn’t exactly for the faint of heart.

“to every prisoner of his own mind
to every soul strangled by depression
to every slave of self judgment
to every friend lost in his own maize
to every will weakened by this reality.
Soaked in this pain,
too scared to react,
too comfortable to escape.”

“Trapped” comes out from the band’s new record “Fear“, to be released on vinyl (100 purple, 200 black) and CD (300 copies) on April 27th via Epidemic Records (pre-order HERE). The record release party will take place at Venezia Hardcore Festival 2018 on May 11th (see the poster below).

Here’s what they had to say about the record:

“The idea of “Fear” as a whole, music and lyrics-wise, is focused on the self inducted sense of frighten that society drags us into. The inability to act, the impossibility to change, the self destructive stagnation which modern times generate are annihilating our lives but with a small and firm glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Fear” is a roaring beast of shredding riffs, harsh vocals and devastating drums. DISCOMFORT worked in the studio with Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria, and cooperated with Servadio on the artwork. This new chapter sees guest vocals of Marco Coslovich (THE SECRET) and also Patrick Thomas and Issy Varoumas (FALSE LIGHT).DISCOMFORT promo

Discomfort Release Party

Discomfort was formed in 2013 in that filthy swamp which is north east Italy. Already active in the Italian underground florid scene with different hardcore bands (Danny Trejo, Step On Memories) and collectives (Trivel collective, Swamp collective,VEHC), the four joined together with the need of express themselves with an heavier and filthier sound.

Taking inspiration from the most savage aspects of extreme music, from early black metal, raw hardcore and grimy sludge Discomfort are not afraid to put everything all together in their cauldron.

The first EP “Scorn” was produced completely DIY, recorded and mixed by the band’s former guitar player Pietro Chiereghin in his own studio and released in April 2013 on 10″ Vinyl through Dead Chemist Records and quickly sold out.

After this first release, Discomfort immediately started an intense live activity both in Europe and U.S..

In March 2015 the band recorded their second ep “Worst”, printed on 500 copies 12″ vinyl through Protagonist music and Assurd Rec; distributed in the U.S. thanks to Deathwish Inc. Right after the recording sessions former guitar player Pietro left the band and Luca Rizzardi joined the squad, old time friend and guitar player of the Venice metal-heroes “Hobos”.

In July 2016 they get in touch with False Light from South Carolina and joined paths by releasing a 12 “split record, printed in 500 copies, released thanks to the mutual work of Epidemic Records, Assurd Rec, Headfirst Records and Eastrain Records.

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