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Youth crew hardcore pack DISCOURAGE premiere new jam!

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As we enter the second quarter of 2018, get transported 15 years back to the golden days of modern hardcore with nods to old school vibe with a new excellent track from California’s youth crew inspired hardcore punks DISCOURAGE! The band’s new Self Titled 7″ is available for preorder through CointossrecordsState of Mind RecordingsAssault Records and Speedowax. and today, we’re giving you the record’s opener called ‘Clarity’, a follow-up to the recent single “Thoughts and Prayers”, premiered at No Echo earlier this month.

Stemming from Oakland, Ca, DISCOURAGE is out of the gate, not with a bang, but with an explosion. The quartet draws influences from early 2000’s hardcore such as CARRYON, GO IT ALONE and VERSE. Their first proper EP, this self titled 7″ promises six songs for fans of fast, pissed off, true to roots hardcore. A joint release between CoinToss Records (US), State of Mind Recordings (US), Assault Records (EU), and Speedowax Records (UK) this recording was done with Charles Chaussinand (Spirits, Test of Time, The Distance) and features hand drawn art by BillHauser complete with unique packaging thought up by the band.

When asked about the single, “Clarity”, vocalist Eric Pocock says:

Clarity is a song about learning how to deal with depression, anxiety and cutting through the opinions of others to find what is right for you.

On the EP, Pocock goes further into saying:

The focus of Discourage is social awareness. The lyrics are a commentary on the world around us and the glaring issues within it, but also a challenge to the listener to examine their place in that context, and to make their own opinions and affect individual change. Musically, the record is a no frills punch to the face. We wanted the music to be fast and aggressive to mirror the subject matter of the lyrics.

Total pressing is 330 records with each label getting their own variant. All of the records are black with hand stamped labels – B side stamps will have your logos and catalogue numbers. Coin Toss: 100, SOM: 80, Assault: 60, Band:60, Speed O Wax: 30.



Presume to tell me what you think I need?
When I’m here drowning in hypocrisy?
Tell me to take control with a deck that’s stacked against
Keep me distracted from what’s right in front of me

I start to question your intentions
Your help just feels like condescension

And you don’t think I see the consequence?
Well I’m well aware of every misstep
Without being examined through a tinted lens
I think it’s time I got you out of my head

Thinly veiled altruism
But you just want control
Disingenuous, and self-serving
But I see through it all


Check out the previously released new track “Thoughts and Prayers” and scroll down to see their upcoming dates!


DISCOURAGE Spring Tour 2018:


DISCOURAGE Spring Tour 1


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