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Turkish screamo act PLEIN DE VIE discuss debut album “Koltuk De​ğ​neklerinden Kanatlar Yapmak”

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Exploring the late 90s and early 00s niche of real screamo, the debut album from plein de vie sticks into your stomach and hinders breathing. Drawing from the greats of the legendary style, it comes as a deeply emotional and painful record and vaults the band into the conversation as one of the most notable European bands in the genre this year.

Based out of Ankara, Turkey, plein de vie is a collaborative effort of 4 individuals and prefers to be perceived as one single entity, regardless of the band members’ identities. In their music they attempt to reflect concepts such as loss, lack of belonging and trying not to lose hope in a materialist society, while just trying to exist in a world where individuals can only be perceived by their statues or monetary value.

Musically, the band is heavily rooted in hardcore aggression, along with a pinch of 90’s screamo influence and abrasiveness. The band plays a blend of screamo similar to Loma Prieta, Birds In Row and pg.99, while acknowledging Post-Hardcore acts such as At The Drive-In and Unwound as major influences.

Plein De Vie

“We felt alienated for most of our lives” – comments the band. “So one of the main goals was to record an album to make other people feel they are not alone with what they are feeling – this record is an ode to everyone out there standing up for those without a voice and being good to one another. We just hope that these people know that their efforts do not go unnoticed and they are never alone.”

We have teamed up with the band to give you their first hand explanation of their lyrics, through a special track by track breakdown below.

“Koltuk Değneklerinden Kanatlar Yapmak (Making Wings From Crutches)” is out now via Mevzu Records (TUR), Pirkaf Records (TUR), i.corrupt.records (DE), Khya Records (SER) and Le Blast Records (CA).

Recorded at Davul Odası by Thomas Madge and Orkun Aldemir, mixed by Berk Buyankara, mastered by Coşkun Yüce and artwork by Arda Koçakoğlu.

Track by track commentary, by the band’s close friend Mutlu Oral (ria // pembe // Jornada Del Muerto):

Koltuk Değneklerinden Kanatlar Yapmak

plein de vie.’s face was immensely turned towards the emotional/aggressive hardcore scene of the late 90s and early 2000s, led by bands like Pg. 99, COC, Portraits of Past, LLBNF. This opening song sums it up pretty well. Melodic fluidity connects us from the beginning to the end of the song with a mid-tempo emphasis and never hesitates to hit the ground when the time comes.

Plein De Vie

Ait Değilsin

The album’s second song recurs at a different point than the first song. This is because the more the band members love the melancholic elements of emotional hardcore, they also love the chaotic and angry sound that the brothers of the genre, like Loma Prieta, Kaos Pilot, and Ampere, could never let go of. All the cells penetrated by the song lose all emotional states and surrender themselves as they should be. My favorite one is this song, both musically and lyrically, with its vague but sharp feelings as a knife that has been sharpened for days.

Plein De Vie

Kaçmaya Alıştıkça

Changed my mind. This song is also perfect :D Like the title of the song, similar to the cover of Birds In Row’s epic “Personal War” album, it starts with a thump within the theme of trying to escape, struggling with the self, and rewards the listener with a journey consisting of delicious stops with a musical troupe.

Plein De Vie

Bizden Çaldılar

The well-thought-out double guitar parts that dominate the entire album contrast well in this song and present a perfect composition. With the inclusion of quarreling and heart-rending vocals, the result is a pinch of life, wisdom, and love from the mountains of Allahuekber…

Plein De Vie

Ufuktaki Özgürlük Belki de Bizi Asla Mutlu Etmeyecek

There is not a single word to be said about the album’s closing song. We must just sit down and surrender ourselves to this epic 10-minute finale. Don’t waffle, and indulge yourself.

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