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Ukraine’s emotive, spacy post hardcore act THE SUNSET SURVIVAL detail new LP “Pitch Black”

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THE SUNSET SURVIVAL‘s particular brand of moody, melodic performance has drawn a lot of comparisons to both post rock and emotional post hardcore icons, with more and more willingness to go spacy, wide and atmospheric. The band’s new record “Pitch Black” paints outside the lines of post hardcore and its more expansive moments suggest a wide range of influences and a plethora of great ideas in their heads. Mesmerized by its venomous beauty, we asked the band to give us some more background about their new work and share a commentary about each and every song from the record.

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1. Delusion – I think this track is probably the best candidate for an album intro. It’s energetic and emotional, just like most of the other tracks. It sets the right mood and prepares you for a journey through ‘Pitch Black’. This song is about the bitterness of disappointment.

2. Pitch Black – this track is about a journey to the darkest parts of our inner world. Very often we are trying to look for answers to questions which we already answered a long time ago, but are just too scared to face.

3. Oaken Heart – Oaken Heart is our first single from this album. I think everyone in the band agrees that it’s one of the most ‘catchy’ and dynamic tracks, that’s why all of us love it. In this song the main protagonist stops feeling any kind of emotions but sees a slight hope when he meets a person who might help him regain his ability to feel again. To cut a long story short – it’s about emotional burnout after a series of failed relationships.

4. Silhouette – this is a story about impulsive decisions, mistakes and consequences. I think a lot of us experienced a certain period in life when we followed our instincts without thinking too much )

5. Silence – this is probably the newest track on the album. We tried to experiment a bit more with progressive patterns and I think it sounds pretty cool. This song also describes an emotional personal episode, when you feel that there are so many things that you wanted to say, but in the end when the right moment comes you are just paralyzed by the silence.

6. Fragile – I personally really like this track because it tells an interesting story not only in lyrics, but musically as well. This song is an ode to all introverts who struggle to express themselves.

7. Reborn – this song is a certain light of hope in the whole ‘Pitch Black’ story. It’s about finding strength to change yourself and move on regardless of all the shit that happened to you. Also, it’s probably the oldest track on the album 

8. Interlude – this is just an atmospheric transition before the final chord in this story.

9. Courage – The last track on the album. It’s about how sometimes we lack courage to say what we really think. Our lives could be so much better, or maybe a lot different if only we wouldn’t be afraid to speak our minds.

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