VA – PYLON “Mixtape #2” (2015)

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Being a band or a label is hard work.
To find the right people, the time, money and energy to put a couple of ideas together and create a whole record can be a long and disappointing odyssey. The duty, responsibility and the goal of a label to promote the shit out of a record they really believe in, is a big task most people might underestimate.

A lot of bands fail in their search for an interested business partner, which might be needed to get the high quality product they aimed for. So the only way to go seems to release the record by yourself. This means investing even more time and money in production and getting along with several compromises and a lot of distribution and promotion work, they’ve never done before.

PYLON is not a label, but a distributor for all the bands, which decided to put their baby out by themselves, or small labels, which are looking for contacts to spread their releases. PYLON wants to create a network of bands and labels, to get in touch and helping each other – because there’s no such thing as networking.

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