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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: VENOMSPITTER / DSGNS double interview & new tracks premiere

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Intense hardcore/metal hybrids VENOMSPITTER from Richmond, Virginia and DSGNS from Austin, Texas, are finally giving you a glance into their highly anticipated split recording, available for pre-order NOW through Coin Toss RecordsRichmond, Virgnia’s VENOMSPITTER and their insanely named track “Woodrow Wilson Was Human Scum That Resurrected the KKK” serves an overwhelming  continuation of the band’s fierce powerviolence hardcore, while Austin, Texas based DSGNS and their “Chemical Peel” take it a bit more slowly, yet deliberately to drag you into their dark woods of mathy, cumulative and eventually exploding mantra that wholeheartedly continues the band’s recent noisy effort “Hexes”. IDIOTEQ is greatly honored to give you this war of emotion crafted in the most extreme tones, leaving you exhausted and exhilarated.

The VENOMSPITTER / DSGNS 7″ split record comes in three colors and is available as digipack CD and tape, as well. Check out two of the new tracks, read an interview with both bands and GO HERE to pre-order!

Hi guys! Thanks so much for taking some time with IDIOTEQ. First off, we’d like to get to know each other better. Can you please give us a brief summary concerning the history of both bands?

DSGNS: Craigslist, mutual friends, DEATH (the band) and persistence, pretty much sums it up.

VENOMSPITTER: Two years ago, Dan and James decided to start a band. They intended on starting a melodic hardcore band, but they didn’t. Instead, VENOMSPITTER came out. VENOMSPITTER wrote a few songs before asking close friends Bryce and Falcon to join. Travis joined shortly thereafter. The five of them recorded an EP together. It was chill. But eventually Bryce and Falcon left and were replaced by Brandon and Wayne. It’s still chill.

Was it hard to find talented and dedicated musicians for an extreme metal/hardcore hybrids like yourselves in your areas?

DSGNS: It was not too hard, we were lucky to have some mutual friends that brought Keith, Jeremy, Ian and I together. Although, finding the right singer was a discouraging task. We lucked out finding, Jake.

VENOMSPITTER: Nah. Richmond is teeming with chill people.


VENOMSPITTER design by Scarab Designs / Photo by Through it all photography.

There is such extreme passion in your work, causing me to wonder if you usually feel angry and pissed off on the inside, or if you release this mood only through your art?

Stephen of DSGNS: We are all really happy, and nice guys for the most. At the same time, we are equally, as intense and full of rage at times. But, this band gives us all the release and therapy we need to not be serial killers, or just down right miserable people.

VENOMSPITTER: There is much to be angry about in this world. Corruption runs rampant. We seek justice for the voiceless. But once we get it all out, we’re pretty damn chill. :)

How do you approach your creative process? Do you aim to do something unique and original when you compose? Is it even still possible with so many bands, subgenres, styles and interpretations of extreme, gind, metal and hardcore music these days?

Stephen of DSGNS: We don’t really have a target we aim for, or a road map we follow. We get into a room and play. When something catches our ear, we run with it. We create music that we want to hear, it’s a selfish process in a way. But if you are not making music for yourself then you may as well be writing commercial jingles.

VENOMSPITTER: It’s a pretty natural process for us. We get together to chill, and play what just comes out. The sub-sub-sub-genre game is rough. We try to bypass it by converting our CONVERGE-worship into our own songs.

Ok guys, so let’s break down this new release. How did the idea of your split recording come about? How did you guys team up with CoinToss Records?

DSGNS: Keith, and Ian are mutual friends with Indy of Cointoss Records, he approached us about maybe doing a split, with VEMONSPITTER, and we were more than happy to get to work with Indy, and VENOMSPITTER.

VENOMSPITTER: Ian from DSGNS hit us up and said that we should be expecting a message from CoinToss about a potential split with them. We thought their music was super chill, and so we were stoked!!

This chill split! Memento.

DSGNS live

Photo: DSGNS live by Erin Frances.

Does it feature entirely new material? Did you collaborate or were these processes completely separated?

DSGNS: For DSGNS, it’s entirely new material.

For the most part it was a separate process, Keith, our drummer, and record engineer, mixed the songs for both bands.

VENOMSPITTER: We wrote lots of chill jams, and had to narrow it down from there. They did their thing, we did ours.

Who came up with this amazing idea of cover art for this release? Is there a message you wanted people to get after seeing it?

DSGNS: No idea.

VENOMSPITTER: Chelsea Owen (@darkheart_tattoo) designed it!! She’s clearly an incredibly talented tattoo artist out of South Carolina. We want people to get chills just from looking at it!

What do you think is it about your records in general that other people relate to?

DSGNS: The aggression.

VENOMSPITTER: People are pissed off! We need some major societal changes, and we can’t chill until these problematic mindsets are further evolved.

Ok guys, so how about your future live shows? Where and when can we catch you guys live?

VENOMSPITTER: IN THE FUTURE! Check out our social networks, we update often. Someday we will chill in Poland, but for now, we’re still working on the east coast of the US.

Considering more distant future, what would you like your bands to evolve into?

DSGNS: I want it to be a band I still love being apart.

VENOMSPITTER: Charizard would be pretty chill, but we would settle for just being louder.

DSGNS debut

Alright guys. Thanks so much for your thoughts on the split. Lastly, which albums got your attention this year? Do you mind sharing your Best Of 2015 lists with us?

DSGNS: WILD LOVE – Self Titled, ZOMBI – Shape Shift, REFUSED – Freedom.

I’m sure there is more just can’t think right now.

VENOMSPITTER: James: PETAL – Shame / Dan: CULT LEADER – Lightless Walk / Wayne: Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly / Travis: BTBAM – Coma Ecliptic / Brandon: Fallout 4.

Thanks so much! Feel free to add anything you like before we sign off and take care! Cheers from Warsaw!

DSGNS: Thank you, please visit dsgns.bigcartel.com and plutorecords.bandcamp.com/ to pick DSGNS merchandise, and music.

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