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Veteran oi punk rockers COCKROACH CLAN premiere new single “Necktie Party”

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Norwegian oi / street punk rockers COCKROACH CLAN are back with first new recording in 22 years (!) on Fysisk Format label, and today we’re stoked to give it a proper teaser in the form of the track “Necktie Party”, originally written back in 1996 and released on “Going Underground” that year. The well aged vintage punk rock offering brings cheerful aggression and great songwriting in equal measure, and teases a solid full length! “Songs About Blunt Knives and Deep Love” consists of new recordings of old hits, finally giving the band’s great songs their deserved wrapping, as well as a handful of new tracks and a cover of Mountain Goat’s Going to Georgia.

Fun fact: Vocalist Billy was the first vocalist in Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. He performed vocal duties on the 1987 album “Deathcrush” under the moniker of “Messiah”.

For fans of: Cock Sparrer, Wildhearts, UK Subs, Street Dogs, The Exploited

The legendary Norwegian punk act Cockroach Clan strike back after 22 years! The album called “Songs about Blunt Knives and Deep Love” started out as a bizarre idea from producer extraordinary Hugo Alvarstein (The Good the Bad and the Zugly, Raga Rockers):

“Pick some gems from your 1990s recordings and rehearse them properly. Then visit my studio and I’ll make that scrap iron shine” he demanded. So the band did, threw in some new songs as well, and unpredictably ended up with an album now being released through record label Fysisk Format.

“The Fysisk Format crew are just a bit too young to catch Cockroach Clan on their first wave, but when we first heard the new album from the old legends, we were hooked!” tells Fysisk Format’s Kristian Kallevik. “We fell in love with Cockroach Clan’s great songwriting, down-to-earth attitude and their weird ability to be both angry and cheerful at the same time. We’re honoured to bring Cockroach Clan to a new generation and to old fans as well.”

Cockroach Clan have stayed more or less active the past few years, a few yearly gigs at the hand of nostalgia, enduring friendship and stubbornness has been the drill. Much like going fishing – for full houses.

The band started out as far back as 1994, building a loyal fan base and a reputation of being a superb live band along the way. Jovial aggression just can’t fail when accompanied by good tunes! Cockroach Clan’s previous albums “Roach” (-94), “Going Underground” -EP (-96) and “Just Say Blow!” (-97) have become minor classics in the Norwegian punk scene, although the band never gained any significant success beyond the punk congregation.


You might have seen the band on stage with acts like The Toy Dolls, Discharge, UK Subs, The Exploited, Cock Sparrer, Anti-Nowhere League, Vice Squad and GBH through the years. If not, it’s about time – there are more gigs, joy and outrage to come!

COCKROACH CLAN trivia facts:

-Guitarist Akke was initially chosen to join Danny McCormack’s The Yo-Yo’s back in 1998 when The Wildhearts split up. Akke never got to become a full-time member of the band, due to problems in Danny’s personal life at the time of his recruitment.

-In the wild nineties, Cockroach Clan was signed to renowned Swedish punk label Birdnest, alongside “trallpunk” bands like Charta 77 and De Lyckliga Kompisarna

-Bassplayer Morten and guitarist Simen made out the primitive garage punk duo Mormones. Morten is also the songwriter and guitarist in Fysisk Format/Rural Rebel Rock act Kosmik Boogie Tribe.


COCKROACH CLAN are: Billy Cockroach: lead vocals; Akke Knoff Glomstad: guitars and background vocals; Cato Holmen: drums and background vocals; Simen Jeistad: guitars and background vocals; Morten Mormone: bass guitar. Additional cockroaches: Hugo Alvarstein: keyboards;Jan Erik Kraabøl: guest guitar on «Fantasyland» and «Necktie Party».

Recording credits: Recorded, mixed and mastered at Instituttet for Tung og Tøff Rockelyd, Oslo, Norway; Produced by Hugo Alvarstein; Mixed and mastered by Hugo Alvarstein; Cover art by Bly and Fysisk Format

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