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“Pawn” – powerviolent hardcore punks BROTHER drop title track of their new 7” on Atomic Action! Records!

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BROTHER, a new powerful, intensely political and socially conscious  powerviolence band from New Bedford, MA have been making waves and turning heads with their original blend of intense, pissed off hardcore and a fierce, dynamic changing force for a couple of months now. Featuring members of Wound Man, The Rival Mob, XFilesX, Dropdead and Wolf Whistle, the band is about to drop their debut 7” “Pawn” on September 15th via Atomic Action! Records and today we’re thrilled to give you its title track below! The track is about the juxtaposition of impoverished people living in countries amidst civil war, inspired more specifically by the atrocities committed by the Fujimori Regime and the Shining Path insurgents of Peru during the 1990’s. Check it out below and scroll down to listen to previously released song “Surfacing”.

I’ve always been a student of social justice and it’s corresponding history. I feel  a strong moral obligation to bear witness to issues regarding race, poverty, gender, war, human health and the all encompassing queer community. When I write, I have a social responsibility to speak out on behalf of those who are affected by these issues but have gone unheard, of which I include myself. – Heather


Population control
Forced sterilizations
Death squad patrols
Of indigenous nations
Marching forward
Concentrations of power
Militant regimes
Caught in the crossfire
With the insurgency
Falling back
In games of war, the pawns are the poor

BROTHER by Todd Pollack
BROTHER by Todd Pollack
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