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“VODA” – French instrumental noise rock drum & bass duo MILKILO premiere new track!

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Rock duos and trios are all  the rage lately and some of them are somehow even bigger, louder, and heavier than many of more staffed bands. Saint-Etienne, France based MILKILO proves that easily and their upcoming debut record stands on its own. Their new single “Voda” pulses, bends and twists endlessly, and proves that they’re more than just a pack with a great gimmick. Listen below and check out the band’s commentary on the concept of the full record, to be released on November 25th.

ATLAS plays on the different senses of the word Atlas, which embraces, at the same time, the myth-character, a Titan, condemned to hold up the sky (and commonly seen as holding a terrestrial globe); the mountains Atlas in Maghreb; the last vertebrate which hold up our skulls; the map-books… It also gives his name to the Atlantic ocean. All these themes were really inspiring to create and articulate songs together, in order to instill sense in a mainly instrumental record. Of course, these are also included in the brief vocal appearance, as a character doomed to carry the world-weight on his shoulder definitely worth some shouts.

“ATLAS” by MILKILO comes out on November 25th via Vox Project (FR), WOOAAARGH (DE), Dullest Records (USA), Nooirax Producciones (SP) and digital via Atypeek Music. Pre-orders are up now!

Photo by Eric Segelle.

After spending 7 years on the roads of Europe to refine his style in the duo’s demanding exercise, Milkilo takes advantage of 2017 to set his vision of Noise on a first album, ATLAS, coming this fall. More thoughtful and constructed, Atlas doesn’t neglect the bouts of rage that made the duo’s reputation on stage. For the pleasure of playing above all, Milkilo continues to destruct styles, fed by what we call the “underground” scenes likely labeled with a lot of dashes: post- / noise- / -core / Rock- / math- / kraut-…


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