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WHISPERED TRUTH unveil “Completely Broken”, progressively fusing hardcore and metalcore

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Emerging from the vibrant Bay Area of California, Whispered Truth is a quintet that encapsulates an intriguing blend of aggression and determination, carving out a sonic landscape touched by elements of hardcore, metalcore, and progressive music. The band, consisting of Ian Blades, Colton Davis, Joseph Dewey, Patrick Talesfore, Jr., and Erik “Erob” Robertson, defies the confines of musical categories, fashioning a distinct sound from their diverse influences.

The band’s genesis can be traced back to an online collaboration between Blades (vocals) and Davis (guitar). Both musicians found a silver lining during their time in isolation due to COVID-19 and recorded their first demo. The project gained momentum following an impromptu audition by Talesfore, who brought the band’s songs to life with his impeccable drumming. Adding two more talented musicians, Dewey and Robertson, to the line-up solidified the creative nexus that is Whispered Truth.

The band’s newest release, “Completely Broken,” showcases the potent synergy of all five members. This collaborative effort extends from the band’s composition and lyrics to the cover art and production, lending an authentic voice to each element of the album.

Whispered Truth

Neglecting trends and conventional genre constraints, Whispered Truth explores the interstices of metal and hardcore, creating a sound that some critics have already labeled as “too metal for hardcore and too hardcore for metal”. Yet, such labeling has little impact on the band’s creative process, as they consistently prioritize their musical instincts over industry expectations.

The band’s meticulous attention to the album’s production quality, while preserving an organic sound, offers a polished yet raw experience for the listener. A noteworthy highlight is the track “Intrusive Thoughts Provoke,” featuring a riveting guitar solo by Nishad George, renowned for his contributions to The Offering and Cerce. This unexpected fusion is sure to distinguish Whispered Truth from their contemporaries.

Whispered Truth by @panicxroom_visuals
Whispered Truth by @panicxroom_visuals

Although Whispered Truth is still navigating their way through the competitive music scene, their formidable live performances signal a promising trajectory. From backflips from the audience and thrown instruments to the provocative use of samples and members of the band joining the pit mid-set, Whispered Truth has begun to make a profound impact on their audience.

Conceived entirely by the five band members, “Completely Broken” paints a vivid soundscape punctuated with meticulously crafted compositions, thought-provoking lyrics, and carefully calibrated production.

The record’s polished quality and inventive studio techniques do not undermine its organic vibe, presenting a compelling blend of structured deliberation and spontaneous energy. From surprising guitar features to unpredictable rhythmic patterns and potent vocal performances, the album embodies an intriguing musical journey that unfolds with every track.

Whispered Truth by @panicxroom_visuals
Whispered Truth by @panicxroom_visuals

“Completely Broken” is out today, June 30th, 2023, and its inaugural showcase will be held in San Jose at Orifice on July 3rd, 2023.

In light of the upcoming release, we invited the band to share an exclusive insight into their album on a song-by-song basis, and here are their enlightening responses.

Colton, Erob, and Patrick graciously delve into the intricacies of each track from their new release. It’s worth noting, however, that vocalist Ian Blades has opted to let his lyrics speak for themselves, choosing not to provide any commentary.

Whispered Truth by @panicxroom_visuals
Whispered Truth by @panicxroom_visuals

Completely Broken

Colton: I wanted to put every beatdown mosh part I could think of into one short banger of a track. This song is a spin kick to the face while you’re standing on the edge of the pit.

ERob: This is definitely one of my favorites. I was the last addition to the band and this was the first music I learned from the band when I joined, as the first bit of this track was the intro to our live set at the time. It started our show so hard and now that it’s a full-fledged song, it gets the crowd swarming!

Patrick: I like this one a lot because it’s a great introduction and a straight to the point song in two movements. I like hype tracks.

Left Vacant

ERob: In heavy music, and all music really, I love it the most when phrases get my head bobbing or feet stomping. This song does both very quickly. Left Vacant starts with lovely work by Patrick on the drums underneath the ringing guitar chords, builds into the head bob once the verse chugs come in, then makes me want to stomp like Doyle just after 30 seconds in. Add a delicious bass solo from Joe and voila!, you got a banger. Patrick: two of my favorite parts in this track include the drum feature upfront and the postlude at the end which most people might assume is a sample but it’s actually a short piece Ian produced that eventually became an integral part of the tune on the recording and live.

Colton: I left a lot of space for the drums in the intro to this one and then you guessed it; it goes back into an even harder beatdown. The sample at the end is a rap song that Ian and I recorded. Nobody will ever hear the rest of it.

Intrusive Thoughts Provoke

Patrick: In my head this is one of the most “punk” tracks and has a lot of grooves that are so ingrained in my playing I barely need to think, but also includes more progressive and metal elements that will throw listeners for a loop. A lot of people I showed this track to said it “sounds like Slipknot” which is pretty cool but I think they’re just talking about the first part. This one also features our friend and one of my other bandmates, Nishad George, who absolutely crushed the solo at the end of the track and gave the tune a little bit more shine.

ERob: This one is just plain fun! The intro does a killer job of building anticipation and gets the pit cracking. I like how the song is basically a punk-prog song with tons of elements from our wide variety of influences. I think the transition from the heavy intro to the punk/thrashiness is unexpected but works perfectly. Then the pretty suspended chords provide a really satisfying lift while Patrick’s homie Nishad plays a ripping guitar solo on top of it. It’s a total curveball in a song already chock full of them, but it works so well and really sets the track apart. Dues Paid

Colton: Written primarily by guitarist Erik “Erob” Robertson, this one employs a bounce beat and some subtle extra percussion, bolstered by bassist Joe Dewey’s vocals.

ERob: This song is the result of the first batch of riffs and song ideas I presented to the group. Colton picked his favorite parts and fleshed it out into a total head-bobber. Joe’s vocals were the last addition and I think they really turned this track into a standout both live and on the record.

Patrick: This track is awesome, the beat throughout most of the track keeps the momentum up and this is a really standout track for Joe on vocals.

Inconsistent Patterns

Colton: I usually wear a Death shirt when playing live, and people always say “I knew y’all were going to sound different when I saw that shirt,” so this song is for them. Ironically, the title ended up referring to the song itself–this song is full of inconsistent rhythmic patterns that give the track its distinct feel.

Patrick: easily the heaviest track in terms of the atmosphere it creates and the stylistic choices present in the writing. This tune gave me the most trouble and was one of the only ones I did way too many takes for because I had some impossible idea of the way this track should sound. Yes, the title of the track is pretty fitting.

ERob: This is just a straight up metal song in my opinion. I’m sure there’s more to it than that genre-wise, but I’m old and don’t like getting bogged down with the genre police. It’s full of tasty riffs, rhythms, and guitar leads that fall right into my wheelhouse. Sprinkle in Ian’s and Joe’s vocals and it makes me want to go apeshit. Lastly, the muted chugs and Joe’s outro vox are a perfect end cap to the album. Chef’s kiss.

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