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WOLFBREATH unleashes metallic hardcore fury with “Sorrow”, feat. Jonathan of Deconvolution

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Indonesia’s heavy hardcore titans, Wolfbreath, are back, and they’re bringing an explosive, high-octane energy that’s set to blow speakers and minds alike. Their latest single, “Sorrow“, is not just a track – it’s a sonic onslaught, merging the relentless aggression of metallic hardcore with the raw power of death metal spine. And if that wasn’t enough to get the mosh pits stirring, they’ve enlisted none other than Swiss hardcore legend, Jonathan of Deconvolution, to amplify the rage.

The track itself is a testament to the band’s growth, marking their first international collaboration and introducing fans to the visceral vocals of their new frontman, Aji Wibowo, affectionately known as Skak.

Speaking about the collaboration, the band expressed, “We are so hyped because this is our very first international project, and what a big pleasure for us to have Jonathan of Deconvolution be a part of it.”


Sorrow” isn’t just a barrage of riffs and breakdowns; it’s a reflection on the frustrations and despair of life not going according to plan. It delves deep into the emotional turmoil of modern life, touching on themes of regret, depression, and the relentless fight to survive against all odds.

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