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WORLD NEGATION – “Imbalance” video premiere & interview

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Passionate about hard hitting hardcore music and enraged by the world today, “Imbalance”, the debut full length offering from German hardcore band WORLD NEGATION offers some hope for all the whiners and complainers about the alleged lack of energy and meaningful content in hardcore. IDIOTEQ is very proud to give you the band’s newest music video for the title track that, appropriately enough, gives you a good sense of what to expect from the full record, coming up on March 25th via Demons Run Amok Entertainment! Peep the video below!

Fast and tight guitar riffs followed by heavy breakdowns, while lyrics are screamed with anger. It’s all about the profound abyss of humanity, not only searching for devious steps of others, but even our very own aberrations. But there still seems to be a light place in our mind, still hope to change ourselves and give some positive aspects to others. This is a heavy hitting album that hits new school elements of hardcore, without ever forgetting about the NYHC roots. Something to please every hardcore fan.


How did your background and experience with WORLD NEGATION shape how you approached “Imbalance”? Please tell us a bit about the character of this record.

First of all, the music is kind of what every single one of us have to add to the songs, no systematic atmosphere or something like that. But the lyrics are the concept of all, they are pretty pessimistic and sometimes even desperate, but in the end there still shines a light in our minds with hope to change for a better way. I think it’s in my nature to write this kind of stuff but also what has shaped my life.

What did it take so long for you guys to release your debut full length?

We’ve put by far more time in this record as for our first EP back in 2013. We tried to give the songs more maturity. After the recording we’ve invested some time in completing the artwork and some organizational measures to make it round. After all we’ve put a lot of work in the production and are proud to release it soon.

How did you team up with Demons Run Amok?

Our guitar player Maik was in contact with Andre from DRA since the EP promotion. We know about the great work Demons Run Amok is doing for all over the years and so we sent them the mix and Marcel DRA and Andre deceided to put it out. We’re pretty happy about the collaboration, it works fine!

What influenced your choice to tell the story through such dark and pessimistic perspectives? Was that important to you to show such a broad scope of the issues related to social injustice?

Yeah sure, that was very important to us. As I said before, a big part is about the influences from our environment and what we see in the world. And let’s face it, humanity seems to go down the drain and it’s even getting worse.


What, in your view, would put an end to these negatives of our everyday lives?

It’s all about might and getting more and more of something, where others struggle to survive. I think if we start acting a little less self-serving, ignorant and stupid we could do a big step on the right way. Surely, we as a band can’t deliver a solution for the problems in the world but maybe we can make some people think.

Of all the inspirations you’ve got, which ones stand out as uniquely valuable when it comes to the power of lyrics and message?

Learn what’s right and wrong, try to sort most of the wrong things out and stay true to yourself. But don’t try to be an angel, I think that’s no one of us.

Do you believe this is the best way to address the audience and hardcore should be mostly about pointing out inconvenient subjects?

Not really. It’s the right way for us at this time, but it shouldn’t be a masterplan. Hardcore is about giving a message, that’s right, but it doesn’t have to be an inconvenient one essentially.

Ok guys, how would you describe your local independent music scene today? How have you seen it change throughout the last couple of years?

We have some great outputs here in our local scene, bands like ADDITIONAL TIME, DREAMCATCHER, WORLD EATER, NRDWRTS, BLOOD FOR BETRAYAL, WALKING GHOSTPHASE, THROWOUTS, INTO DEVILS DREAMS, and so on… maybe way to much to name them all. So I don’t think our scene has undergone considerable changes. Faces change, but there have always been bands in our scene, and there will be new bands in the future. The only thing standing out is that more and more people seem to be spoiled with shows, they only come out if some of the “big guys” are on stage and small shows stay neglected. But I don’t see it as a menace to our local scene, times will be better again.

Have you already begun booking some shows in support of the record?

Yes, we will be on tour for three days in March with our mates in BLOOD BY DAYS, STILL ILL and HUMAN TOUCH, only a few days before record release. In April we have our local Release Show in SAARLOUIS with some of our friends, we’re really looking forward to this event, this will be much fun. And finally we’ll be on tour for ten days in May, there are almost all dates booked. We’ll visit Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. I think there will be more information about the tour in the next days.


Ok guys, thanks so much for your thoughts. Feel free to wrap it up with your final words and good luck! Cheers from Warsaw!

Thank you very much for the interview! Check out our new record “Imbalance” on Demons Run Amok Entertainment! See you all on the road!


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