Cardiff hardcore band XL LIFE
Cardiff hardcore band XL LIFE
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XL LIFE combines intense energy with poetic lyrics and experimental sound to create a powerful effect on their new banger of an LP “The Boogie Down South”

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XL LIFE‘s frontman, Philipos “Traxx” Davies, demonstrates both his energetic potential and his ability to display restraint as a vocalist and guitarist. XL LIFE’s brand of catchy and empowering hardcore punk is a positive statement and is unique, with comparisons to Turnstile, but ultimately creating their own sound.

Their new album, “The Boogie Down South,” combines elements of hardcore, jazz, grime, and electronic music, showcasing their dedication to each genre they incorporate. The album is innovative, catchy, and full of passion.

“The Boogie Down South” brings unexpected depth and emotion to the genre and establishes XL LIFE as a noteworthy band to keep an eye on in the future, standing out as a thoughtful and introspective alternative to the many macho hardcore bands in the scene.

Fusing a high-energy wall of sound with gut-punching riffs, hard-hitting drums and the inimitable vocals of Traxx, this thrilling purist punk/ hardcore band are proving themselves a force to be reckoned with.

Based in Cardiff, the band sprang to life when ex-Astroid Boys frontman Traxx joined former bandmate Lewis and drummer Jasper at their regular jam sessions in 2020. The boys sensed they were onto something special and in just a few months, XL LIFE went on to play a sell-out headline show at Cardiff venue MADE and released their debut four-track EP Sweet Moves.

Meanwhile the bands’ loyal fanbase continues to grow, not just in their home city of Cardiff but across the globe, with a burgeoning following in Malaysia’s hardcore punk scene, and appearances at Upsurge Fest and Turbulence Festival in 2021.

With his previous projects, Traxx has already established himself as one of the alternative scene’s most energetic hype men—his natural ability has seen him command the crowd at hundreds of gigs around the globe, and now XL Life are primed and ready to deliver their high-octane sound to the world.

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