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YOUNGEST share new grungy, shoegazin’ single “Never / Nowhere”, share top 10 inspirations

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“Never / Nowhere”, the newest single from Italian band YOUNGEST showcases the band’s new direction, the dark, brooding sound, influenced by shoegaze and grunge, paired with a modern sensibility, a taste for experimentation, and the introspective lyrics that set Youngest apart from their peers. “Never / Nowhere” reflects the change of sound the band has been going through while working on its latest singles.

The new sound encompasses all of the influences of the band and the albums that defined the band’s lockdown during the last year and a half: alternative music from the 90s as well as newer acts, grunge, shoegaze influences alongside the likes of Gleemer, Nothing, Teenage Wrist and Title Fight. “Never / Nowhere” is about isolation as a negative condition, albeit open to positive outcomes: in fact, isolation may also represent an apportunity for self analysis and a chance to discover who you really are.

10 records that inspired the band for “Never / Nowhere”.

– Teenage Wrist “Chrome Neon Jesus”
– Basement “Beside Myself”
– Title Fight “Hyperview”
– DIIV “Deceiver”
– Nothing “Tired of Tomorrow”
– Narrow Head “Satisfaction”
– Modern Color “From the Leaves of Your Garden”
– Gleemer “Anymore”
– Superheaven “Ours Is Chrome”
– Balance and Composure “The Things We Think We’re Missing”

Youngest is an alternative rock project from Milan born in early 2016 as a trio, initially inspired by bands like Title Fight, Basement, Citizen. In 2016 Youngest issued their first EP, “We’re Made of Memories”. The following year the band changed lineup with a new drummer, Noah, and in 2017 they released “Komorebi”, via Pan Music Production and Failures for Italy and via Jawbone Records for the UK.

In 2018 Stefano joined the project and the band released their first LP “Could Never Be You”. The band joins Hero Booking’s roster and tour Italy, sharing the stage with Turnover , Can’t Swim, Dufresne, Hundredth, Slow Crush.

In 2019 Youngest starts a new writing path, experimenting with genres and letting themselves be influenced by bands like Nothing, Teenage Wrist and Whirr.

They released “Ghosting”, “Slow Fade” and “Lotus” three songs that will be part of an EP that will be released in 2021. 

I see myself
Somewhere else outside this place
I can’t complain
If my thoughts will fade away
And I’ll just wait
Cause I’m sinking into myself
I can’t stay, no more
You don’t want to let me know
That you’ll stay too long
And I know you care
You don’t want to let me know
And I know you care
You don’t want to let me know
I can’t complain
Looking forward to get pain
I feel so grey
There is something haunting me
I can’t take, no more
You don’t want to let me know
That you’ll stay too long
And I know you care
You don’t want to let me know

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