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YOUTH revive good old alt emo vibes with their new track & video “Sleep Patterns”

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When it comes to hearty indie/emo rock revivalists in recent years, most minds would jump to the breeding ground of the US MidWest, but there’s a lot of inspiring variety, are happening everywhere, from Singapore, Japan, South America, and Europe. Today, we’re giving you a new track and video from one of the youngest European representative of this well-measured genre, Vienna based band called YOUTH. Since their inception in the beginning of 2017, the quartet has been merging the raw emo/punk sound of the 90s with more modern interpretations of the genre, creating a melancholic and yet moving atmosphere. With their first EP “The Difference in us“, due to be released via Laserlife Records on tape in early 2018, YOUTH are looking forward to spending as much time on the road as possible. Check out their new track “Sleep Patterns” above, and scroll down to listen to previously released track “Be Gone”, bursting with more well balanced mixture of 90’s emo/grunge/punk and newer stuff like CITIZEN, and TIGERS JAW.

The band commented:

Sleep Patterns is the third song off our debut EP “The Difference in Us“. Even though it’s a rather simple song, it took us the longest to write, basically just because we weren’t really happy with any of the refrains we came up with. We tried a couple of different version and at one point ended up with both Fabi and me singing at the same time, which we haven’t really done before.

Lyrically it’s rather straightforward. It basically deals with the problem of sleeplessness as a result of racing thoughts and different memories running through one’s mind. It’s about not being able to accept the fact that people who matter a great deal to you won’t be around forever & not being able to let go.”

YOUTH live dates with SPIRIT DESIRE:

01.2. Vienna @ Bach
02.02. Linz @ Privat
03.02. Innsbruck @ Jellyfish

YOUTH by Lena Aistleitner
YOUTH by Lena Aistleitner
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