Adam Ciresi (CARRION SPRING / SAID GONER) discusses his solo record, painting, & skateboarding

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SAID GONER is the brainchild of Adam Brock Ciresi, the bassist and vocalist of CARRION SPRING, a post hardcore/screamo outfit from Portland, Oregon. His music is played live as a full band and sometimes acoustically solo and I must admit that if you’re in the mood for acoustic folk rock goodness, Adam’s got a whole lof of addictive ideas for you out there. With an extensive range of different subgenres and styles, playing a mixture of 90s emo, grunge, acoustic rock, and traditional folk rock, it’s clear this is a unique chapter in this interesting musician’s songbook. Listen and see for yourself.

11-song 12″ with Adam’s recordings limited to 500 copies was released early 2014 on Zegema Beach RecordsAncient Injury Records and Sieve and Sand Records.

CARRION SPRING have out out a new song off their new split with SED NON SATIATA, released by Protagonist MusicADAGIO830, Echo Canyon Records, and Grains Of Sand Records. Scroll down to play it, but first be sure to check out Adam and our interview focused  on his work, and giving you a chance to learn more about his engaging stories.

Top photo by J.Baillargeon Photographie.

Here’s a video documenting Adam’s piece titled “Stillborn” he mentioned in the interview. His friend Misha Brophy is 12 years old and she helped him to interpret this painting and fill in with her abstract fillings. Watch below.

Adam Ciresi live
Adam’s incredible debut solo recording is available for streaming below. Please support his music if you enjoy. Bon Appétit!
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SAID GONER - Adam Ciresi

Don’t forget to check out “Degenerator”, a new track from CARRION SPRING, coming from their new split with SED NON SATIATA, as well as “Dans le tumulte et les lumières”, one of the new track presented by the French screamo pack.


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