Garrett Klahn of TEXAS IS THE REASON talks his European dates, debut solo record and more!

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TEXAS IS THE REASON and ATLANTIC/PACIFIC frontman and guitarist Garrett Klahn will release his new 7″ titled “I Don’t Care At All” on November 18th through Rise Records. Garrett is taking his new tunes on the road to Europe, so it was a perfect occasion to ask the good man a couple of questions. It’s very enjoyable to hear his arranging and performing skills flourishing and taking him one step further with this debut single.

“There is just too goddamned much to do and too many places to be all at once. There are nights when I want to be in San Fransisco and New York and Rio and Madrid at the same time, and it seems unjust that I can’t. If I had my way I’d be in love all the time all over the world with a rifle in one hand and a typewriter in the other and a bellyful of good whiskey. This limited existence is a shitty deal”

Read my interview with Garrett below.

Hey Garrett! What’s up? How are you man? You’ve recently wrapped up your European Summer tour and already have plans to go back on the road and visit us again this December. How come? Do you have a lot of friends in Europe?

I feel at home in a van on various European motorways. I’ve spent more time touring Europe than anywhere else in the world. I have been lucky enough time make good friends there and am always excited to get back and tour.

What countries do you have on the list this time?

This tour is pretty extensive. Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, France and Spain.

Any chance you’ll head over to some of the Eastern European countries next time? There are a bunch of fans of your work in this area, you know?

I would LOVE to get farther east! TITR played in Poland once and I remember the show very well. Once the album is released early next year I plan to tour until I fall over from fatigue.

Wow, I didn’t expect remember that one! Nice :) That June trek I mentioned featured a bunch of amazing stops at various cafes, houses, squares and interesting venues. Do you have your favourite spots that soothe your mind while recalling that trip?

Oh there are so many, especially in Italy. In Padova we played on top of a mountain, seriously. It was a free Sunday afternoon show and behind the stage was a large expanse of mountains and you could see for miles. I will never forget that feeling. Another beautiful venue is Walhalla Theatre in Wiesbaden, Germany. It’s an old dancehall from the early 1900’s that still has it’s charm. Elvis played there in the 50’s!

GARRETT KLAHN European dates

Ok Garrett. You have signed with Rise Records to release a full length titled ‘Motion For Action’. This will mark your first release as a solo artist. What prompted you to hit this direction and record a solo album?

I have always had a plan to record at least one solo record. It just took me about 15 years to get my shit together. I think every project I have been involved in has led up to this solo record. I feel like it finally sounds like “me”, does that make sense?


No doubt! Are there any songwriters that have influenced your decision in particular?

My influences are pretty varied. I take in everything I can, from books to music to art to photography. It is all connected in my head. I don’t think your magazine (or website?) is big enough for me to list what bands have influenced me. What I can say is that anything with a story and a melody speaks to me. That could be anything from a Hemingway book or a FUGAZI record.

Who else is involved in the creation process of the album?

– I am recording and writing the album in my hometown of Buffalo, NY with old friends of mine that I have known and played music with for years.

What do you draw inspiration from for your lyrical content?

The easy answer to this is: Life.

How fulfilling was it to be able to express this different side of your musical personality? Do you enjoy it?

Music is all I have and all I know. It has been the only constant in my life for over 20 years now. I can’t begin to imagine my life without it.

What sorts of things have you done to improve your songwriting since the early days of TEXAS IS THE REASON and its post-era?

I just refuse to stop playing. Whether that has made me a better musician, I have no idea.

TEXAS IS THE REASON played their last reunion show at the Electric Ballroom in London, UK on August 4th, 2013. Aren’t you tempted to revitalize the idea of the band once again and hit the road again with the full band? What are the chances of another reunion?

No, there is no temptation to get TITR back together. We had a limited life-span when we started in 1994, so I am still surprised we managed to get out shit together for the reuino tours. There is zer chance of it ever happening again. I think we left on a high note and want to keep it safe.

Ok Garrett, so what else is coming up for you in the coming months? What can we look forward to?

Well you can expect to see me on tour EVERYWHERE.

Thanks so much for your time. Cheers from Poland!

Thank you for writing! I hope to make it to Poland very soon.

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