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Alt post hardcore rockers LOVE GLOVE offer a fresh aesthetic palette on their debut EP “Bummer”

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Comprising members of hardcore band TORN SHORE, LOVE GLOVE’s compelling take on gritty, post hardcore infused alt rock fuses together a multitude of shoegaze, grunge, and nu metal vibes and influences, occupying a spot somewhere between Deftones, Quicksand, Helmet, and Alice In Chains. Today, we’re giving you the full stream of their debut EP “Bummer“, along with special track by track commentary below!

Love Glove is a trip to places that everyone loved, loves now or will be in love with. On the one hand, it’s Smashing Pumpkins licked by Quicksand, on the other Nothing played with Rival Schools nerve, but in the end it’s Deftones for those who are excited about Turnstile nowadays. Sleepy vocals, heavy shredded riffs and pop hit value.

Love Glove started in 2019 as a spontaneous hang of Dawid Schindler (guitars) and Łukasz Hajduk (drums) in the practice room of their hardcore band Torn Shore. They made sketches of nearly 8 songs in just two days. Musically, although it doesn’t sound like that, the material came from a very dark place in Dawid’s life consisting of mental health issues and Łukasz’s beats stormed out from impetuous life turns which he has been experiencing.

The band reached its final form by grouping friends from the hardcore and alternative scene. Kuba Brzezicki (bass) was very happy to join and glued the band’s sound while Szymon Kowalski (vocals) completed the outfit with dreamy, unpredictable vocals.


Produced by Maciek Wasio (OCN, Patrycja i Grzegorz Markowscy, Olaf Deriglasoff).

Track by track commentary:

Fancy boy:

Dawid: My all time fav. I Love what Szymon did with the vocals. 

Szymon: It’s a straight forward song about how fancy our well-know Christ icon is. I’m afraid it’s rather not a praising one.

Łukasz: I imagine myself driving a massive rogue road roller while playing this track. Slowly but surely it will crash you.

Can’t Get Lost:

Sz: It’s a story of how people sometimes fail or get trapped by different problems and other people. But it’s an uplifting story; there’s always someone or something that helps you not to get lost.

Ł: That’s the oldest one in the pack. We premiered it live last year (also on Sad Sessions) and it was already on radio somewhere. It has a dad rock vibe but is still very fun to play.

D: Dad rock, but groovy. I like the heavynes.


D: My second fav. I enjoy the dynamics in this one.

Ł: This song was finished in just hours before we left to record it in Nebula Studio. It was also recorded in 2 different versions. Finally I’ve made some last minute drum changes in the pre-chorus – suggested by the boss Maciej Wasio and the track gained a lot thanks to this.

Sz: I really believe that we all should take some time and think about what’s here and now. In this song it’s a tree, that I wanted to stop by, but in general it’s all about forgetting about problems and finding the right path.


When It’s Time:

D: Challenging one. Originally it was an acoustic piece written by Szymon. I liked it so much that decided to write a full band version. We spent a lot of time re-arranging it to be completely different than the original version. Usually we write songs really fast. This time it was seriously different. This song features Maciek Wasio on the overdubbed guitars.

Ł: Acoustic demo of this song was written by our singer Szymon and was over 6 minutes long, so we needed to do something about it! We fell in love with its chorus and stripped it down, wrote some underlying crazy riffs and noises and added a motoric beat. This song is a DUI essentially :P A lot of wine has been consumed during its production, especially during the epic lead guitar track shared between David and Maciej.

Sz: The essential thing of this song comes with the time of finding your own balance. I tend to think that we all have time to be alright, and when it’s the right time it comes really naturally. I keep repeating that.

In other news, check out AIR HUNGER, a dream pop / shoegaze solo project from Dawid Schindler (LOVE GLOVE, TORN SHORE), who took his time during the pandemic and recorded his first dreamy tunes, available fro your listening pleasure below:

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