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BLANKFILE’s ‘BFHC’: Belgrade Hardcore Legacy Captured on Film

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In the crucible of hardcore, where authenticity is the measure of worth and the raw pulse of reality sets the rhythm, Belgrade based pack Blankfile emerges with a video that is as much a chronicle as it is a challenge. “BFHC,” the latest single from their EP “Gold Standard,” is a sonic manifesto that has been making waves since its March 2023 release, resonating through speakers and across digital landscapes worldwide.

The video, a brainchild of Dusan Jaukovic of Duma Production, reads less like a typical band reel and more like an indie film. Its narrative arc is woven not from the fabric of fantasy but from the very threads of the band members’ lives. It’s a gamble laid bare, a hand of poker where the stakes are their all: money, relationships, sanity — the quintessential bet for the love of music.

This is not merely a video; it is the soul of Blankfile, echoing the sentiment of underdogs questioning an age-old narrative — can the small ever overcome the colossal? The answer, they seem to suggest, resonates with a rebellion that’s almost poetic — unity is the game-changer.

Blankfile by @dusanjauk
Blankfile by @dusanjauk

In a city’s veins, where trams and the pulse of urban life create a backdrop, the video captures guerrilla-style shots of the vocalist in a testament to the DIY ethos that hardcore so passionately embraces.

This is where the charm of the video lies — in its unpolished, sincere depiction of creation amidst chaos. The band’s members, positioned strategically, stave off the city’s heartbeat, if only for a moment, to capture these guerrilla shots, lending a touch of the impromptu to their meticulously planned narrative.

BLANKFILE live by danielaphotography
BLANKFILE live by @danielaphotography

Blankfile has sunk their teeth into a production that demanded more — more of their time, more of their presence, more of the essence that fuels their raw artistry.

And it’s this commitment to their craft that they hope will ripple through the hearts of their audience, urging the youth to pour themselves into the hardcore scene with the same fervor.

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