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Art that bleeds: “True Core” by SATYASENA

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It’s not every day that we receive personal insights from industry veterans like Justin Pearson, whose connections to the band add a layer of authenticity to this story. Pearson, having shared the stage with Pej during their respective band tours, speaks highly of our today’s guests Satyasena, underscoring the profound personal and musical bonds that define their work.

Satyasena is the brainchild of Pej Mon, an artist who, after a significant tenure behind the drum kit for bands like Secret Chiefs 3 and Ghoul, has ventured into the realm of guitar and vocals. His odyssey, beginning in 2016, culminates in the debut of Satyasena’s self-titled album, a work that stands as a testament to artistic rebirth and unbridled expression.

The inception of Satyasena was not a spontaneous combustion of creativity but rather a meticulous, soul-searching journey.

Pej Mon, driven by a vision to manifest his musical ethos, dedicated himself to mastering new instruments. This period wasn’t just about acquiring technical skills; it was a voyage into the depths of his creative psyche, demanding every ounce of his being to resonate with the strings he now plucked and the lyrics he passionately vocalized.

In their debut offering, set to enrapture audiences on January 26th, 2024, the intricate layers of Satyasena’s sound are brought to life at Sound of Siren studios in Los Angeles. Under the guidance of Toshi Kasai, known for his work with Melvins, Tool, and Big Business, the album emerges as a polished yet raw manifestation of Pej’s vision.

The mastering finesse of JJ at Golden Mastering, coupled with the visually arresting cover art by Mackie Osborne, completes this compelling package, slated for release on Sympatry Records.


The album’s genesis is a tale of collaboration and exploration.

The synergy between Pej and Toshi Kasai in the studio was a pivotal element, enabling Pej to navigate the daunting task of recording drums, guitars, and vocals.

This collaborative spirit extended to the inclusion of various bassists – Jeff Matz (High on Fire, Mutoid Man), Joe Lester (Intronaut, Secret Chiefs 3), and Rusty Kennedy (Wax People, Red Fiction) – each adding their unique timbre to the mix. The ethereal layers of keyboards and synths by K.J. Karam (The Locust, One Day as a Lion) further enriched the tapestry of sound.

Satyasena by Toshi Kasai
Satyasena by Toshi Kasai

Pej’s lyrics transcend mere words, reflecting a journey of emotional healing and awakening that has spanned decades.

His introspection reveals a spectrum of human experiences – from the agony of alienation and self-doubt to the pursuit of healing in tumultuous relationships and the awakening of an indomitable spirit.

This raw emotional undercurrent is palpable in the new track, “True Core,” where Pej articulates the essence of Satyasena’s mission: to harness the visceral energy of heavy music while navigating the intricate web of human emotions.

As Pej Mon states, “I’m attracted to art that bleeds. I want to feel the artist’s inner world, their pain, their struggle, their longing, their strength, and power, all of it. It’s a very human thing, and a very vulnerable exposure. Heavy music, to me, helps get to that raw animal power inside all of us, and if we can bring a more nuanced emotional expression along with that, then I’m fully satisfied.”

Satyasena by Toshi Kasai
Satyasena by Toshi Kasai

Satyasena is more than a musical project; it’s a declaration of resilience, an exploration of the self, and an invitation to experience the unvarnished truths of life.

“That’s the commitment we have with this band, and it’s a commitment that is not just for ourselves, but a commitment and acknowledgement of the relationship we have with anyone that listens or comes to our shows. This song is that declaration.” – Pej Mon

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