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ARTORIAS introduce their own brand of relentless sonic destruction

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Quad Cities’ ferocious metalcore / hardcore / grindcore hybrid ARTORIAS set an incredibly high standard with their debut EP ‘Rout’, and we’re thrilled to give you the record’s first exclusive listen, along with the band’s commentary on the lyrical content!

Where its faster parts provide the adrenaline-fueled rush of being chased by a fierce serial killer, the slower, sludgy crawl of the EP’s beatdown carnage creates a dark and dismal vision that’s literally overwhelming.  All of this and much more comes together to make “Rout” a debut that keeps listeners engaged not only through its forceful nature and aggression, but also with layers and ideas that aren’t often found on heavy hardcore and grind infused metal records. Bands like ARTORIAS have everything to push the sound of their predecessors to new and interesting mutations.

The whole release is about the total annihilation of ourselves and others in the face of overwhelming odds. We’re political people, but this leans a lot more on metaphor to capture that sense of dread, anger, and anxiety we all feel every second. We’re trying to capture the tragedy and beauty in someone’s worst moment, because it’s often their most significant. – Jon (drums)

‘Rout’ by ARTORIAS was recorded and mixed by Zack Farrar at Choir Room Audio, and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden. Tapes will be released with help through Contrition Recordings, Jems and Posers Inc. Grab your copy at this location.

The band is currrently working on a month long tour to the west coast in June/July. 

ARTORIAS - Rout EP; cover by Connie Sgarbossa
ARTORIAS – Rout EP; cover by Connie Sgarbossa

Here’s what the band’s drummer, Jon, had to say about all the tracks:

False Equivalence:

It’s about the rhetoric that people will throw at you when trying to prove themselves, especially when they’re trying to justify internalized feelings of bigotry or hatred.


Prophet of nothing
God loves this new beast
Feeding the Earth

Dirt under my knuckles
A shallow blow to the ground
You made your bed
Now you’re chained to it

Fall into depression
Fail to see through deception


Weep like the prophet
Tears made of nothing
No one cares how
No one is watching

Vulture Shrine:

This is a song that borders more on the sentimental, depicting loss as being eaten alive by the emotions someone leaves behind. It also touches on how distance, literal or figurative, can make you feel so helpless when trying to save someone you care about.


Stagnant death
Callous breath

Your corpse as cold as ice
My heart too far to warm you

I have been dragged into your remains

I hear them crawling

Rest on your moss bed and let the worms feast
At your feet

What Lies at the End of My Intentions:

This one is probably the simplest track lyrically. You know you’re going to die, but resistance can give your death meaning. Hopefully, if you die doing anything meaningful, people will think of your death as beautiful.\


Burdened by knowledge
Gifted with rage

Cracks forming
I fall apart
Light leaves me
Dark meets soul

A Ghost in Waiting:

Probably the most straightforward track. It’s about getting revenge on those who look down on you your entire life and don’t think themselves vulnerable.


No need for worship
Strike down the false predecessor

Heavy falls the crown

Vengeance rooted out this tree
Broken man now old and weak
Bearing down, I break from thee
A likely fate takes form in me

Empty the earth
Of its tainted flesh


This was one of the first tracks we ever wrote and it’s what we always close our sets with. It’s about having an impossible standard set, being called into action, facing the overwhelming odds, and losing everything you find important about yourself just to keep yourself alive. It’s our namesake and what we feel it takes to survive.”


Shine on valiant son
Bring glory to name
Drown in the abyss
Bathe in blood and ash
Let your craft be your art

My hand is swollen from gripping the hilt
And swinging to save the world

I grow weary

And my sword dull
Serving more crutch than arm

Watching boasts fall flat
Your words are lost against

My blade dividing the dark
Severing what I have left of a heart

ARTORIAS by Mike Moynihan
ARTORIAS by Mike Moynihan

ARTORIAS touring route:

6/15 KC
6/16 OK
6/17 Albuquerque
6/18 Tucson
6/19 las vegas
6/20 Los Angeles
6/21 Los Angeles
6/22 Fresno
6/23 San Francisco
6/24 Chico
6/25 Redding
6/26 Eugene
6/27 Portland
6/28 Olympia
6/29 Seattle
6/30 Boise
7/1 SLC
7/2 Laramie
7/3 Denver
7/4 Colorado Springs
7/5 Omaha

ARTORIAS logo by Connie Sgarbossa
ARTORIAS logo by Connie Sgarbossa


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