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The duality of things: Italy’s CHIVÀLA premiere debut EP!

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After and intriguing and inviting debut track premiere in February and a follow-up feature over at Open Mind / Saturated Brain blog, Italian post rockish emo post hardcore act CHIVÀLA are back with a full stream of their debut EP, and we’re thrilled to give you its first listen below! Balancing between heartache infused songwriting and harsh explosions of raw energy, the record unveils its indelible charm and it sees CHIVÀLA establish themselves as a band to be reckoned with.

Recorded and mastered by Stefano Manca at Sudestudio di Guagnano in March 2018, ‘Chivàla’ EP will be released on tape via Emocat RecordsStrigide records, Nothing Left records, Dreamingorilla records, Boned, Santapogue Media, and Dischi Decenti are responsible for the digital/CD format.

The concept of the record is based on dualism: evil and good, strenght and weakness, reflection and action:

It is a man’s soul which constantly swings between the elements which compose human life, and human life is nothing but a constant fighting between instinct and reason, between the beast inside of us and the ideal. In ancient cultures this struggle was enacted with fights in which men fought against animals, such as bulls, and which remnants we can find in modern day “corrida de toros”.

It is a man against his soul, with music as a way to shape reflection.

CHIVÀLA are: Andrea Annese, Giordano Bufi, Giuseppe Del Re, Luca Occhionigro.

Here’s what the band had to say about each and every track:

The first track from “EP” is “Baluardo“: it begins softly, patiently ascending to some powerful choruses. Raw guitars and a harsh screaming hit you like a mace in the back of your head.

Than atmoshpere softens, painting itself with emotional reflection, culminating with a sweet guitar interlude. In the end intensity grows again: it’s mankind itself fighting against the odds, the final resistance of a conscious mind.

But there’s no time to think. “Mostro” climbs into your head. A rhytmic intro and rageful screaming do their work. It follows some quiet, like the waiting for the storm, and than the chorus explodes. Soon after there’s the highest part of the track, melody and aggression at the same time.

The circle is complete with the repetition of the starting theme.

Continued below…


An initial bass riff doesn’t make you understand what is going to happen. “Garcìa” starts without any mercy, and yet rage melts into some calm interludes. It keeps growing in power and there you are: nothing but the most nihilistic thoughts are left for you.

The timing and screaming literally rip your skin off. Everything slows down, but “does it really matter”? Everything is lost, and emotions keep increasing.

But something is still worth fighting for: a reaction is needed. “Paesaggio” bares its teeth at the beginning, than turns heroic, than harsh again. The drumming becomes a war march, guitars mourn and timing gets faster. Nothing is clear anymore: mind and body are burning down.

The magic is complete, all the pain is gone. You are again on the ground. “Terra” is somehow a dream with open eyes, a powerful reflection, a spiritual blooming. The timing is regular, guitars are emphatic and melodic.

The final part expresses truly these feelings. Day after day you work to better yourself, to reach a peace which not anyone finds.


CHIVÀLA live shows:

21.4 Istanbul Cafè with laend and insane therapy
28.4 incognita fest with stormo and la macabra moka at Le Macerie – Baracche Ribelli

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